Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thrift Store Stuff!

The follow-up to my last post!

Some of the stuff you'll see in the video below:

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Knight's Doll Show - Kissimmee

The doll show I attended in November was in Kissimmee, FL which is just a few minutes past Orlando. Since this trip was part of my birthday weekend I had saved up money and was determined to splurge and buy whatever I wanted. My tightfisted nature won out though, lol, and I didn't come away with any Tonner's or FR's like I intended. There weren't any FR's anyway, but here's what I got.

$5 each. I really liked their clothing and thought that was an excellent price for the Hello Kitty Summer(?)

The most expensive thing I purchased was this Little Missmatched for $30. I stared at her for a good 10 minutes and walked around the showroom twice before I decided to get her.

Size comparison

I know her clothes will fit my Moxie's and she has such a thick neck and big hands that I'm hoping I can use her body for my male dolls.

Louis Ghost chairs for $10 each. The lady I purchased them from said they were table gifts at a Barbie Convention. She also said that the 2016 National Barbie Convention was going to be in Jacksonville, FL. Has anyone ever gone to one? The information online about it is slim pickings and the YouTube videos I've found aren't making me all that hot to attend. Any first hand knowledge would be appreciated.

I was hoping the miniatures lady would be at the show and she was!

Tea sets $2.00, Pot set $0.75

$.25 each! They are all magnets

$1.00 each which is ridiculous really, but I hate sewing so it was worth it to me.

$3.00 total

Look at the ice in the cola!

$3.00 total

$3.00 total

Here's a video!