Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2015 Fashionistas at Walmart $7.97

I first saw the new Fashionista doll line at Amazon and they are carrying them for $10.99. Tonight, I saw the dolls and their fashions at Walmart, all for $7.97. You cant see the shoes if the box is facing you so I've put a fuzzy photo of their shoes underneath each doll.

This is the only one with flat feet!

This dress looks very poor quality in person

I think this is the worst tennis shoe I've seen them do

I totally got this doll because of the shoes

Got this one

and this one!

When compared to the unarticulated Style dolls that have been rolled back, this years Fashionista clothing packs and older single clothing sets:

I think $7.97 is a darn good price. It's like they are taking into consideration that these dolls have no articulation and in addition, are lowering the price of multi clothing sets. I'm okay with this. Now if this is just Walmart's introductory price and they are all going up to the $11 that Amazon is charging, then pfft, I'll be happy with the one doll and two packs that I got.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AA Power Team Guys in Stock?

I've been travelling a lot for work the last few months and in a small Florida town called Avon Park, I saw these guys in a Big Lots.

Way over a year ago, Ms. Leo posted about finding them in her area and this is the first time I've ever come across them. Either this store is super outdated or the guys are now being released in Florida maybe?

I've never bought anything at Big Lots without there being a 20% sale or having a $5 coupon and I really didn't want to pay 15 whole dollars. But I didn't want to risk them not being in my home town so I sucked it up and got the last two guys since I like their accessories the most. Good thing I did because they are not in my stores. In fact, my stores aren't even carrying ANY Power Team 1:6 dudes anymore, just the 1:12 stuff. Whew, glad I grabbed some.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dreamhouses at HouseBeautiful

Check out the Barbie post (linked below) at the HouseBeautiful website to see larger photos of these older houses.

A Look Back At Barbie's Dreamhouse Through The Years

While I think that the 1979 A-frame is probably the most innovative structurally, if I could only choose one, I would like to have the 1974 version. The d├ęcor reminds me of how crafts looked when I was growing up. I feel nostalgic just looking at it.