Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Complaint Department is Open

I've got some complaining to do.

First of all, the new blogger bot system is beyond annoying.  Many times I have to make three attempts before it will post a comment.  I've noticed that if your blog is set for comment approval you don't have to do the bot thing.  However, I don't want to switch because often times it could take me a few days to get to my blog to see what's happening.  So, I guess I'll make my visitors suffer along with me, lol.

Duct tape from Dollar Tree... why does it stink so bad!  I tried to make some quick chairs out of cardboard and duck tape and it was a fail on many levels.  Because of sinus issues, I'm smell sensitive.  After all that cutting and taping I finally had to trash what I was doing because the odor was too much for me.  I do have some black duct tape that is about 15 years old.  It's harder and sticker to work with than the newer tapes that you can just rip with your hands.  The plus side though is that it doesn't stink.  So, even though my crafting this weekend was a bust, I won't give up.

Glitter encrusted clothing... Stop it!

"This girl can shop"  $11.99 at Target

I love the outfit that she isn't wearing because it's fresh and graphic.  The one she has on, however, is so not my taste.  I know the play line is intended for kids, but just because you play with dolls doesn't mean that everything has to sparkle or be pink.  The glitter gets everywhere and if you don't wash your hands or wipe down every surface after touching it, then you will eventually have glittery poop.  No one needs glittery poop!


  1. I know I thought the same thing about the glitter when I saw this doll. It going to show up on shoes and purses too!! I was looking at shoes online at Nine West and there was glitter--PASS!! I don't care for the pink outfits either but that just mean I really need to sit down and sew!!

  2. I like the second outfit too but I can't add another doll to the pile of dolls that I need to sell! I wish I could find more small graphic prints!

    Oh, and the proving you not a robot thing sucks! I like the old way better with out the color blocks on the word. My eyes are not what they once were!

  3. Hello from Spain: you're right that everything new is bright Barbie pink and leave you all stained. I like the Barbie's target because she brings an ideal shopping basket. Also not expensive. I would buy her. I have the same problem when I leave messages on other blogs. Up to 4 attempts to enter the code word. There are times when you do not see anything. We remain in contact blog to blog.

  4. Agree with everything you said. Also hate dolls with pink or blue legs.

  5. Brini, it's been so long since I bought real people stuff I was trying to figure out what other toys Nine West makes before I connected the name, lol.

    Ms. Leo, it didn't even occur to me to go to the fabric store to see what kinds of small prints they might have. I'll have to do that.

    Hi Marta, Target does sell a lot of exclusives that you cant get at other stores. I have 3 of those baskets but haven't figured out how to use them in a dio yet.

    Frannie, do you know what causes the legs to change color like that? I have some dolls that have stained legs from leggings recently but they turned black, not pink or blue.

  6. I'm in agreement with this ever so annoying bot thing..ARRRGGGHH.

    The 2nd outfit is so much better but I won't be adding her to the pile just for the 2nd outfit. I also wish they had other versions. I would love a tee with an AA or Hispanic doll on it.

    Muff, I find that any doll you store with black or darker colors may stain. There are several older dolls that develop sticky legs. I've thrown out several dolls that had that problem. I swapped heads onto new bodies of course..LOL

    Frannie I'm with you on the colored leg thing. I pass up a lot of dolls because of the legs.

  7. Thanks Dollz4Moi. I guess I should start changing my dolls clothing and not just let them sit around in the same outfits or at least check to make sure nothing funky is going on.

  8. I agree. For the bot thing, I had to turn it into a game. When I get it right the first time, I do a short jump for joy. I treat it like "Spider Solitaire". So now I actually look forward to it. Sometimes, but not often, I don't even attempt the first one. I just hit the button for the next phrase. I feel like I'm cheating on my game when I do that, but hey....

    Oh the pink and blue legs are designed on some of those dolls. I have a couple of the little kids with colored legs. I don't mind the white ones because she just looks like she has tights on. For the second one I will be swapping her head onto another little kids body. Lord knows I have 15,000 extra kid dolls.

    Oooh ooooh! I get to play my new favorite game now. "What the hell is this robot phrase?" Actually I do enjoy playing it. Let's just call it "Blog Scrabble".

  9. Hi Vanessa, I've never even noticed a doll that had pre colored legs before! I don't know why I would want that, but now I want to see one, lol.

    "Blog Scrabble," that's a good name for it!

  10. I totally agree with you!!! I'm sure little girls like also a little bit of variety! The dress she isn't wearing looks great, maybe they should include more models like that!

  11. Hi Rossetti, yes I hope this year brings much more varied designs.

  12. Re the Captcha thing ... is that what it's called? I find it mildly annoying. If the text isn't clear enough for me to understand, I hit the refresh thing. Yes, I guess it's cheating - wink and nod to Vanessa - but I can live with cheating there.

    I keep the approval thing because I have received dumb or empty comments. By dumb or empty, I mean those comments where someone wants to leave their mail-order bride link or their sani-flush link in a HOBBY blog. No, they don't come often, but I prefer to squelch the nasty bugs BEFORE my readers see them. Good blog-housekeeping, lol.

  13. D7ana I did notice today that they've changed it a little bit by removing the black blob that was over a portion of the letters. Still the old way was easier on the eyeball.

  14. D7ana - Sure, we know you have control issues. LOL! I guess I am so interactive and I will often communicate with the other commenters. Sort of like what I'm doing now. When it's one of the 4 blogs I read with approval, I never get to interact with the other commenters. It's one thing to go through the approval once to say something to the blogger. It's another to go through it again, or several times to say something that's not even directed to the blogger. So I just miss the family style interacting. But I comment too much as it is. So I guess I should say thanks!

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