Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Bed Making Time

Even though I haven't been able to take the Asian doll out of the box yet, I have started on the advertisement that I want to imitate.  It features a platform bed and this is how I made my version of it.

First off, my platform (2 pieces of cardboard) is the wrong measurement.  Although I did use a doll to measure the form, I should have added an extra inch to all sides and totally forgot.  I did a crap job putting the duct tape on, so I removed the corner sections and reapplied tape.  I should have taken it all off and started over.  However, since the bed isn't the focus of the ad, I didn't bother.

For the legs, I cut 1 inch pieces from a jumbo popsicle stick, then wrapped a strip of cardboard around it (front, bottom and back) and finished with duct tape.  The top of the stick has no cardboard over it, which gives me a smooth area to apply glue to.  The legs were positioned in opposite directions because that's how they are in the ad.  If I wasn't trying to mimic the ad design, I would have used some of my cute ball point pen tips instead of these wonky legs.

This looks so gross, lol.  I made my "mattress" by drawing a box pattern onto a file folder.  The insides are strips of cardboard randomly connected for support.  I taped 8 paper towels around the top and sides for padding.  There's no padding on the bottom of the box.  I would consider this a standard full size mattress.  If you want it deluxe style I would double or triple the paper towels.

Walmart sells inexpensive sheets that come in bags made of the same material.  I unstitched one of the bags and that's where the green fabric comes from.  I sewed the pillow cases and will stuff them with paper towels (use cotton balls instead if you want nice fluffy pillows).  The piece I'm using as a flat sheet was already pre-stitched.  The "duvet" is a man's sock with the heel and bottom foot cut off.

I wrapped the portion of the "fitted sheet" around the box and folded it down like you would a present and secured it with electrical tape.  I slid on the sock and hand sewed it to itself while it was on the box so I could get nice clean corners.  Finally, I wrapped the portion of the "flat sheet" around the sock and box and secured it.

Bow chica bow wow!  Sexy, no?  By far, this was the easiest thing I've made, probably because it's squared with no round edges.  I do have some wood and foam that I could have made this out of.  But, right now, I'm enjoying this file folder/cardboard kick I'm on. 

The bed even matches the chairs I made.  Not surprising though, since that shade of green is my favorite color, lol.


  1. Looks fabulous! Great job. I love the color combo, too. I can't wait to see this ad! Hurry up, why don't you.

    Impatient me.

  2. It does look great!!! So neat and stylish! I'm looking forward that ad!

  3. I love it! The colors are beautiful! I am excited to see the whole finished product and ad as well!

  4. Wow! I love it! I too can't wait to see the ad. You are putting a lot of detail into this. Great job!

  5. Thanks for your comments, Vanessa, Rossetti, Chynadoll and Ms. Leo ^_^

    I guess I am getting overly detailed about this, lol, but the ad has a lot of elements that I want to try making. Since I only get about one whole day a week to work on it, I'm moving rather slow. It has windows in it that I haven't quite figured out how to construct, a huge mural on the wall, and an outfit I have to sew. I dislike sewing so I'll probably do that last. I'm predicting at least two more weekends before I'm done.

  6. I love how the bed turned out and it looke real good with the chairs. I can't wait to see your ad. I have an ideal but I can wait for the surprise. Great job.

  7. Thanks, Brini! I'm working slowly but surely on it. I'd like to be able to use the pieces in other dios. So, even though I'm using super simple materials, I want the finished product to be a little on the sturdy side.

  8. I loved your bed. I'm going to try to do one...

    1. Hiya, Emma. I hope your bed turns out great!