Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Doll Of 2011

She was supposed to be my "last doll," the one I felt I really needed to "complete" my collection (silly me).  I hadn't bought one for months because the price was just never low enough for me and the face makeup wasn't quite what I wanted.  And then this school version was released and I was sold.  That face, those boots... perfection.  Paid full price without a regret.

The Extras
By Monster High: Doll head, boots, brass knuckle ring
By LIV: Tshirt, vest, wig
By Barbie: Body, jeans
By Moxie Teenz: Earrings
By Rurouni Kenshin's Kamiya Kaoru Action Figure Set: Kitty cat


  1. Ok! I love this doll and I swore I would never by a Monster High doll LOL. She looks really cool and I just love the cat lol. Great purchase and so worth the money!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Chynadoll! Sure she's been modified, but even without all that I adore that face mold.

  3. Hi from SpAin,Monsters in my country are the best selling doll this christmas.. Sorry i do not like anything that doll. They are as anti doll faced Monsters. The Good News is that the clothes and accesories are original. I see your entire reformist with complements other dolos. Keep in touch

  4. She is working the boots! You have blended these fashion well! Great work.

  5. Thanks Ms. Leo. It's interesting how I'm fashionibly challenged, but my dolls be rockin' it.