Saturday, December 3, 2011

Redo: Liv Spa Set

I first saw this set at Target for $29.99.  I really, really wanted it but I'm super cheap and felt that price was too much.  I zipped over to Toys R Us and they had it regularly for $24.99, but on sale for $18.97.  Score!

I'm not the spa type, but I immediately saw its potential for additional uses.  I plucked it apart, as I tend to do with play sets, and viola, it's now a desk/vanity combo for my "Claudia" Wolf doll (big Sis to Clawdeen).

I pulled out the sink and hair dryer, added a clip on lamp, painted the chair black and then placed some desk accessories about.

The accessories are a mix of Liv, Barbie, Monster and homemade stuff.  I added black to the laptop and I think it makes it a bit more realistic than being all one color.

Big Sis Claudia has been rebodied onto a 2012 Fashionista body and her head size reduced to give her an older appearance compared to Clawdeen.  Though not visible here, they both still have their wolf ears.

Clawdeen is rocking out in her original body.  I haven't decided if I will rebody her but I bought an extra Fashionista just in case.

Claudia loves the desk and lets Clawdeen use it when she comes over... sometimes.


  1. I purchased this play set but haven't done anything to it. I love what you did with it. I wasn't thinking about using it in a spa either and glad to see what can be done with it. I haven't seen that kind of clip on lamp before. Can I ask where you found it?

    You mentioned that you reduce the size of Claudia's head to give her an older appearance compared to Clawdeen. How did you do that? Was it a long process?

    I look forward to your next post!

  2. Claudia is awesome! What a cool big sis.

    I'd love to hear about your head shrinking adventures too!

    Enjoying your blog! :)

  3. Hi Ms. Leo.
    I got that clip on lamp at the Dollar Tree. You cant replace the batteries, but for $1.00 I didn't see that as a big deal. Especially considering that if you had to replace them, it would cost more than the unit itself. I got a ton of them. The light is really bright. They come in neon colors: green, yellow, blue, red, purple and pink.

  4. Ms Leo and Smidge Girl.
    I will make my next post about how I shrink heads so you will get a better idea and visual about the process instead of my just making a comment about it. I'll have it up later this evening barring any connection issues :)