Friday, January 13, 2012

Bratz Party Playset

This was my awesome purchase from Target on clearance for $8.98, originally priced $29.99.  As of today, they still have some left if anyone wants to party out.  I love it!  I'm not a diorama person (yet) but I think this set would be great for a nightclub scene.  The only thing I intend to change is to remove the Bratz lettering on the front.

The entire contents of the box broken down.  The main stage (which is one large piece) has a speaker in it so you can hook your MP3 player or phone into it with the cord provided.  The overhead light is hitting the stage in this photo, making it look more watery/shimmery than it is.

Closeups of the smaller items and a view of the stage turned on in a dark room.  It's pretty bright and takes 4 AA batteries.  I think the only light in the room was from my laptop monitor.  You can configure the set in many ways.  I'm going to show you four.

Your entertainers for the evening!

The lounge can fit into the cutout on the second stage and the second stage is open on one side so it can fit anywhere against the main one.  The DJ booth can fit into a slot in the main stage as well.  Speakers and lights can be moved anywhere.  Tops of railings can face front or back.  Railings fit into slots on the main and second stage.

You can take the DJ booth off and put railings behind it, but the railings wont be connected to the booth.  I pulled aside the second stage and used it as a table to place in front of the lounge.

I put the DJ booth and lounge by themselves.  I've attached railings to the second stage and placed it near the main one.

I removed the second stage entirely and put the DJ booth on top of the main stage.  I put both speakers on one railing set and they are just sitting on top of the main stage.

I think that's enough for now... don't want the ladies to start throwing their underwear at him.

The Extras
The Ladies are Liv bodies featuring heads of Deborah Harry, Basics and Fashionista
Your DJ is a Power Team SWAT with Peacekeeper hands
Microphones are Barbie and Moxie Teenz
Clothing by Barbie, Liv and Justin Bieber


  1. I am in LOVE with that DJ! ;) You got a steal on this amazing set.

  2. I did get a great deal, Cat. I had such fun photographing it too.

  3. Great find! Love your dolls! And it's so easy to get the Bratz name off with a coat of white paint. (I think that is one thing I can do. LOL)

  4. Love the DJ set! You should really photograph for Mattel or other doll companies! You make their products look fun to have and play with! Great post! Mmmm gotta stop by Target for groceries anyway.....I will just take a peek:;

  5. Hmm...Now I'll have to stop by target.

  6. Hellofrom SpAin, i love the whole set. I had not seen before. Congratulations on your purchase. I love he photos you did with the dolls and microphones. How lucky you are with the party playset. I love the denim jacket. Keep in touch

  7. YOU SCORED! Any set that you can get under 10.00 is lucky but a set like that is a score! Congratz!

  8. Thanks, Frannie. I'm going to try to get the lettering off with nail polish remover first. If that doesn't do it clean enough then I'll just paint it.

    Chynadoll taking product photos is my favorite! If Mattel wanted to pay me, I wouldn't say no.

    Get one Miss Lola, it's fun!

    Marta, I am so glad I went to the store that day and found it.

    Hey, Ms. Leo. "$10 or less" is my favorite motto! Well, that and "$Free99."

  9. I saw this set several times for $7 but I passed each time. Before you all say WHY I'm going to tell you..LOL. I have the My Scene lounge and the Club. It's cute but I had to pass on it all the times. In the words of one of my fave commercial "I pick things up and I put them down."

    It looks great though

  10. Hiya Dollz4Moi, thanks for stopping by. If you already have a similar type, I can see putting this one back.

  11. Your pictures are awesome! I too have contemplated this set a number of times and passed. The height of the stage makes this set great for a concert setup. I love the picture with Model 14 standing on the stage jamming.

  12. Thanks, Vanessa. The key to these photos turning out well was a tripod (monopod, actually). I don't usually shoot so far away from the subject, but since this was a large set, without a tripod the photos were just shaky.