Friday, January 20, 2012

I Made Some Stuff!

I made a few books, dvd covers and magazines.  This time instead of just taking pics of stuff on top of my coffee table or desk, I staged a little scene to show them off.  Woot woot, my first diorama!  Meet Chandra and Joe.  They've been dating a few months.  They went out for a early meal and have come back to her place to watch a movie and relax.

Chandra's small selection of dvds and paperbacks.

Joe has his movie pick, but Chandra wants to see something else.

She wins, but he doesn't mind.

Later, Joe asks Chandra to read to him.  He loves hearing her voice.

Eventually, the room goes quiet.

Thanks for visiting.

The Extras
Bookcase and coffee table are from Michaels
Planter is a pencil holder and the foliage is from Dollar Tree
Wallpaper is cardstock from Big Lots
Settee is a Barbie sofa with a black wool cap over it
Rug is my pc mousepad
Chandra is a Barbie So In Style and is wearing Barbie fashions
Joe is a Power Team World Peacekeeper and is wearing Power Team fashions


  1. Amazing work! The books, magazines and dvds look so realistic!

  2. Great story! Love your creativity.

  3. I can't wait for my creative juices to kick in! Everthing looks great.

  4. Hello from Spain, i love your diorama. It is very well. The cabinet with the dvd and small books I love. I am going to copy the idea of convering the Barbie chair. The photos are great because we can see every detail. Congratulations and you have to keep making dioramas. You have much furniture and so we can see. Keep in touch

  5. I really like the idea of a chair cover. It gives you several sofas for the price of one. This dio was too cute with just a hint of steam.~~~

  6. Really cute! Love the story. The books and DVD's look amazingly realistic! Looking forward to seeing more of your dios :)

  7. Thanks Rossetti, Frannie, Brini, Marta, Ms. Leo and Chynadoll for commenting.

    The books and magazine are all filled with scraps from real magazines so my dolls can get their read on too. Although the DVD cases are empty, I did get a bit obsessive and most of the covers are actually of movies that I own. I was going to fill them with little dvds but I felt I needed to calm the heck down and not go that far. I did make a few dvds though, lol, in case I wanted to show one of the dolls holding one.

    Marta and Ms. Leo, it was real easy to cover that Barbie sofa. The cap fit snuggly right over it.

  8. Your books look great. Love how you detailed the pages inside. Wonderful job.

  9. Thanks a lot, RealLife. Once I figured out what I was doing, it was a fun project.

  10. Fabulous job! Congrats on your first one. I love forward to seeing others. They are really cute together. Love the book reading session.

  11. Thanks, Vanessa. I have a backstory for every doll in my head. It's the first time I tried playing out a scene for them in a "real" environment.