Saturday, January 14, 2012

SIS Grace's New Ride $19.99

One of my Targets got this in.  I didn't know the doll was going to be included.  Is it usual that companies release a new ride in January?  I've seen a new Disney, Monster High, Barbie Ken and now Barbie SIS.  I don't have a car at all and really had no intentions of getting one until I saw the pics of Ken's.  I looked at this SIS for a good two minutes but I don't think it's for me because I'm totally jonesing for the Mini Coop.  The doors on the SIS don't open and the lights are decals opposed to Ken's built ins.  It doesn't have a back seat and those rims are kind of annoying too.

But, since I like to mess with stuff, I could see getting this (on sale, of course) and trickin' it out.  I don't want to mess with Ken's because it's perfection as is.  Besides which, I don't have this doll and I like the face paint on this version.  So far I only have SIS Trichelle and Chandra.  I would have to be on the lookout for a Liv darker Alexis since I'm already using the one I have.



  1. You've named several of the reasons why I'm passing on this set. I'm just not into this small car and I want the mini cooper to there :O)

  2. Hello from Spain: I love the car but I prefer the red mini cooper of Barbie. In your previous post I saw the spectacular dress that your mother did 20 years ago for your Barbie. What luck ... it's beautiful. I love the photos of the car ... keep in touch

  3. Dollz4Moi, SuperTarget has the Mini on sale for $20.99 today!

    Marta, I look foward to your photos when the Mini comes to Spain. Thanks on the dress. My Mother made a ton of clothes and I've kept them all.

  4. I know how you feel, I don't like the rims either. I'm glad the doll has a new home--I think she know you have plans for her.

  5. The Grace in the car does have pretty face screening. I'm just not crazy about a purple car. Guess I am too stodgey ;-D

    Love your photographs. Very vivid color and great detail.

    Thanks for posting this news.

  6. "Face screening." Is that the technical term? I've just been calling it face paint. That car wouldn't be all purple if I got it. I do like to fiddle. Thanks for visiting me, D7ana.