Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to Tasha's Place

I was in a crafty mood this weekend.  I was off Friday and pretty much spent the next two days just making stuff.  From the beginning it was my intention to make a diorama and do a little story showcasing what I had made.  However, I spent so much time crafting and designing the set that I'm too pooped for a story.  Instead, I'll just say, "Welcome to Tasha's Place."

In this photo, what I made was the chairs, lamp and wall shelf.  The chairs are vienna sausage cans that are stuffed with cotton balls and a sock.  The chair back is a piece of cardboard covered with black tape and scrapbook paper.  The wall shelf is a piece of folded copy paper with black tape for accent with magnets holding it up.  The lamp is a thread spool on top of a straw that is wrapped with copy paper.  If you bought the mini cooper, there were little black things underneath the wheels.  The black bottom of the lamp is one of those pieces.

Here I made the cushions and the exterior unit of the bed/sofa.  The drawers are extras from the book case and can be removed.  The bed is fully constructed so it doesn't need the drawers to remain upright.

All the wood is from Michael's including the little stacked side tables.  Each one was 9 cents.  That's not a typo so I don't know if they were marked wrong or what.  The cushion is a brown piece of vinyl turned inside out and sewn around a piece of foam.

This is Tasha hanging out in the living room.  She's a music major in college.  The violin is something her dad wants her to be serious about but she's a rocker chick at heart.  However, since her dad pays for her college and apartment, she makes sure she practices.

Behind the Scenes

I think this is going to be my dio setup from now on.  I've tried different stands to use as walls, but this large piece of packaging cardboard works easiest.  I only ever have 2 walls.  If I had three then I would have to bust out extra lighting and I hate that.  My desk lamp and the chandelier above me cast sufficient light.  I was using magnets to hold up the wall paper, but now I'll just use the Dollar Tree lamps as clamps.  That way, they are useful even when they burn out.  Everything is sitting on top of an old swivel TV stand that is 19x20 inches.  This gives me way more space than what I had before and it's portable. Also, since it swivels 360 degrees, I don't have to move around to photograph stuff anymore.

The Extras
Flooring is contact paper from Dollar Tree
Baseboard is ribbon from Michael's
Area rug is a mouse pad
Wall paper is scrapbook paper from Big Lots
Table, laptop, shoes, cup and green bowl are Liv
Little easel and bear are erasers
Books and dvds on shelf were made by me
Music stand and violin are Moxie Teenz
Box on shelf and phone are Justin Beiber
Josephine Baker artwork is mounted onto scrapbook paper
Everything else is Barbie


  1. Oh! I love it! This dio looks chic, mod and lovely at the same time. I love having days off and just being in the crafty mood. Great job. Love those use of cans for the chairs. Gonna have to make a few of those. Don't eat those sasauge things but I will improvise lol.

  2. Loving Tasha's Place! You have some great ideas for making furniture! Love the idea on getting the little lights from Dollar Tree. Will have to go and get a few!

  3. Love the dio setup. It's something I can do so that makes it an extra fun for me. So many ideas I may have to do some things on my 3 day weekend coming up. Thanks for giving me some inspiration :O)

  4. WOW Amazing dio!!!! I love the chairs, I definitely have to try to make them. The pics with the dollies are just perfect. Great job!!

  5. I love this! My college girls need something like this too! I was turning my mind over about what their rooms would be like and working out each of their personalities. I have the violin also. I hope to do something with it at Xmas but it never happen. I love the last shot of her in the draws. It looks do natural. It is that Liv body!

  6. She has a great place. I love the lights from the Dollar Store, I have been looking for them too. You are working with a great space and that is one thing I'm lacking right now. I have to set up and take down when I'm done. I love when the creative juices get to flowing.

  7. Thanks for stopping by everybody and leaving such great comments!

    Chynadoll any 2.5 inch tall can will do, but Chicken Vienna Sausage is delicious!

    Frannie those little lights are super fuctional. You cant replace the batteries but I still find use in them.

    Dollz4Moi making the dios are really fun for me. I like trying to find things that I can repurpose to fit in the space.

    Rossetti once I figured out how I wanted the back to look those chairs were fast to make.

    Ms. Leo I've been waiting to use that violin for ever. I couldn't get a Fashionista to hold it as well as a Liv can.

    Brini I use the corner of my desk as my space so I too have to set up and take down when I'm done. Even though I have the swivel top now and can move it, I'll still take it down. What I really need is an extra bedroom filled with shelves.

  8. 'Hello from Spain: Tasha's room is gorgeous. I like everything. The 3 pictures are simply wonderful. The beautiful bookcase with lots of little details like sunglasses, cassette, books ... not missing a thing. The bed is very modern with 3 drawers. I have also a kind of cartoons that make me wall of the rooms in my Barbie. Know that you are inspiration to me. I love your dioramas. Keep in touch

  9. What an awesome compliment, Marta! Thank you.

  10. Tasha's place is wonderful! I too love how modern it looks. Love all your craft projects. They all turned out great.

  11. Thanks Vanessa. I'm finding that making things is just as fun as buying them.

  12. I love Tasha's place ... it has a fresh, clean look. Not overcrowded and fussy. I like how you pose her, too. I need to take notes so that when I finally get my space clear, I can get things going.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational dioramas.

  13. Thank you so much, D7ana. I'm glad that Tasha's little place is making an impression.