Friday, April 12, 2013

Anthony's Advice

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Video dialog for translation:

2 months ago.
It's moving day at 227N.
"Hey, guys," Tasha says.
Kevin and Anthony have arrived to help Tasha settle into her new place.
"Let's unload Tasha's ride first and then I'll bring my truck over with the heavy stuff," Kevin suggested.
"Aww, man, can't we eat first?" Anthony grumbled. "I'm starving."
Tasha shook her head, "You and your stomach. Why didn't you eat before you came?"
"Because I thought you were gonna feed me. You have food, right? Tasha? Girl, I know you hear me."
"Keep moving, Rodriguez," she responds. "You'll be fed later."
"Later?" Anthony repeated. "How much later? Tasha? Answer me, girl."
Moving continues but Anthony is soon distracted from his quest for food.
"Why, hello there," he drawls.
"Ut oh," Tasha tells Kevin. "Your boy is on the prowl again."
"If there's a girl in a one mile radius, he'll find her."
"So," Anthony says to the blonde. "You live around here? Are you married? Got a boyfriend? What about cats? You like cats?"
"Are you serious?"
"Totally. We should go out. You free right now? Wait. Where you going? Can I come too?"
"No, you cannot!"
Anthony stares after the departing blonde. "She left me. What went wrong? Didn't she feel the attraction between us?"
"What is wrong with you?!" Kevin and Tasha ask simultaneously.

Later on...
"Yo," Anthony called out. "There's only one more box left. Can't we take a snack break before we handle the heavy..." He drops the box he was carrying. "Uh."
Kevin thinks, "Oh, crap," while Tasha gasps. "Are you for real?! Why'd you do that," she demands.
"Err. Oops?"
"I'll 'oops' you!"
"Oh, snap," Anthony cries as he runs. "Dang, girl, it was an accident! Kev, help me out, man!"
"He won't save you!"
After catching Anthony and getting her revenge, they return to the scene of the crime.
Tasha informs Kevin, "I'll get the last box if you'll make sure this one cleans up his mess."
"Got it."
She walks off while Anthony thinks, "So bossy," but Kevin thinks, "So beautiful."
Anthony shakes his head as he watches Kevin stare at Tasha as she passes by.
"You fool. When are you going to bite the bullet and tell her you want to be with her?"
"Shut it. And I'm not telling her."
"Adopted by your dad or not, she's not really your sister. You know that, right?"
"Again, shut it."
Anthony raises his hands in resignation. "Alright, it's your love life... idiot."
Tasha lifts her head at the sound of fist hitting flesh.
"Ow, man! Why you so violent?" Anthony foolishly seeks sympathy in the wrong place. "Tasha, Kevin is being mean to me!"
"Good. You probably deserve it." Her words are harsh but inside she thinks, "Heh, lovable goof."
"Yeah," Anthony mutters. "You two are perfect for one another."
Moving continues...
With a particularly heavy piece of furniture, Kevin asks Anthony, "You got it?"
"Yeah, I got it. You got it?" He snarks back.
"Smarty pants. Just walk."

Almost everything is inside and soon it will be time for a well deserved break.
"Kev, seriously, let me say one thing - without you hitting me!"
Seeing Tasha in the doorway, Kevin halts Anthony before he can continue. "Hold up."
Delivering the last of the furniture to Tasha he returns to Anthony and sighs, "Okay, let's hear it."
"Almost two years, man. That's how long she was with that a-hole. Years of you feeling like crap every time he looked at her - much less touched her."
Kevin remained silent knowing that Anthony's words were true.
"Is that how you're going to live the rest of your life? Watching other guys come and go, knowing it should be you by her side? Step up, man, or one of these days you'll be hearing her kids call you uncle... instead of daddy."
Kevin gives Anthony a solemn look and promptly punches him in the arm.
"Ow, man! You said you wouldn't hit me!"
"Wrong. I never said any such thing. But seriously, dude. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it."
"Stuff your thanks! My arm hurts. You probably broke something."
"Poor baby."
Anthony notices Tasha sneaking up on them. "Heads up. Incoming."
"Yah!" Tasha jumps on Kevin's back and hangs on. "What are you guys talking about?" She glances suspiciously between the two.
Anthony replies with a tweak of her nose, "That's classified, twerp."
Tasha moans in annoyance at their secrecy. "Ugh!" She jumps down. "Okay, fine, don't tell me. Anyway, the pizzas are here. Unless you guys want to stand around yakking some more."
Anthony pushes his way between them. "Not me! Get out the way. I'm hungry."
Tasha grabs Kevin's hand and begins pulling him toward the door. "C'mon before he eats everything." Feeling resistance she comes to a stop. She turns to him with a curious gaze.
Kevin asks, "After Anthony leaves can you and I talk for a bit?"
"Of course, but, what's the matter? Is it something bad?"
"No, it's not. At least I hope you won't think it is."
"Tell me!"
He begins to pull her toward the door but this time she stops him. "No matter what you have to say, you know that I love you, right?"
"I know. Same here." He thinks, "She's so sweet," as he stares at her intently. Finally he says, "Let's go inside."
Behind the Scenes:
Holy crap this video was almost 15 minutes and I still didn't shoot a beginning scene situated in the present that would have introduced this particular segment.  Time management is apparently not my thing but I got it down to 8 minutes without losing any of the photos.  So, if the pacing seems off or too fast - oh well, that's what the pause button is for, lol.

To give me more wide angle photo room, I added a walking path to the front of the complex. I kept the box my Barbie Estate stuff came in and covered it with the scrappaper. I also made a sky board using paper from Joann's and Handi Tak'd it to foam board. I made a tree board too, but that paper came from Michaels. I haven't used foam board in any projects before, because it costs money. However, I've run out of free cardboard and boxes!

I really wanted a scene of them taking boxes out the car and moving stuff but I had no more room on the bed so I built a parking area off to the side. It's bare bones, and I didn't have enough matching paper to pose as concrete, but overall, it's pretty cute!

I may have another video or two within me because I would like to wrap up their story in a nice neat bow, but dang, videos take a lot of time - at least the way I'm doing it, lol. Maybe I can do one once a month, or heck, once a quarter, but we'll have to see, so please don't count on it.

Some bonus photos of Kevin and Tasha:



  1. Wow!


    I love your scenery, your story, and your characters. Thanks for taking the time to create this photostory/video. It was a joy to watch. I would like to know what happens between Tasha and Kevin. I'd like to see more of Anthony, too. And how many cats does he have, lol?

    My speakers weren't on so I missed the music, but just watching the storyline and reading the lines, I had a good time.

    Tug my forelock to your talent and your skills.

    1. Thanks, Dana! I think the music is the worst part about making videos. If you use regular songs they yell at you about copyright or they put a big ad link in your stuff. I found a few (free) royalty free songs and I'll probably use them over and over so you aren't missing much by not having speakers, lol.

      Anthony is a cat person and he has gotten flak from other dudes about preferring cats over dogs so he doesn't want to be with a lady who might not think he's a "real" man for liking kitty cats. He only has one cat, a white persian named Mr. Piddles.

    2. Try jamendo- there are lots of free ('s nice to pay, but you dont have to) songs, albums. You have to spend some time to find something, but I think its worth your time.
      I liked music you used though, so i dont mind recycling it :P

      About setting...just wow. Everything is so detailed and well made...I wouldnt mind living in your lil city, it looks nicer and neater than the one I live now :)

    3. Oops, my bad-

    4. MM, thanks so much for that link! I got totally distracted at that site and am still listening to it. I like the huge international selections. Good looking out!

  2. AMAZING! Ok, first of all...thank you for doing a weekend story, can't tell you how fun it was to watch and entertainment wise, it was so needed. I've got two more weeks before a new episode of Scandal airs, and I didn't think I was going to make it. What's crazy about that is...other than the vocal or dancing competition shows, I don't do drama or any other type TV series or didn't until that darned Shonda Rhimes created Scandal, LOL.

    I just love Anthony, he's a real trip. I missed out on purchasing him and now I don't see him around. Kevin is a total cutie and I love him and Tasha, they're super cute. I hope they give it a shot regardless of the situation. I mean, stuff happens but when it's right, it's right.

    Lastly, love, love, love the scenery!! I am so inspired and could go on and on but I'll spare you the comment space. :)

    Great story Muff, hope we get to see more.

    1. Tracy India, you are the second person to mention Scandal to me. I just might have to try watching it to see what's up.

      You are right, those newer Power Team guys got snapped up rather quickly. I was looking for another one of him to repaint because I like bald guys and they were all gone. I also never did find any of the black ones either.

      I'm glad you enjoyed this episode! I kept having to backtrack what I was doing because I wasn't posing them, but I got the hang of it eventually. I wanted to have more people wandering around but I knew I wouldn't remember to pose them as well.

  3. Anthony is like my cousin CJ with every lovable goof sorta thing he can do. I can't wait to see more! I'm holding my breath for the next video.

    1. Tracey Fowler, lovable goofs can be annoying, but they rarely mean any harm. That's what Anthony is like with his friends. ^_^

    2. Hey it's me Tracey just on my other blog. I just can't wait till the next episode.

  4. By the way, love the posing! It gives so much realism to the characters.

  5. Wow, it's great. I love your history and your photos :) They are very interesting...
    Greetings from Poland ;)

    1. Hi, Marille and thanks so much for your comment!

  6. Bravo! Beautifully detailed set, well-developed characters and a powerful story! I know videos take forever but I hope you will do more. This was awesome!

    1. Hiya, Limbe Dolls and thank you! I will try to finish their story.

  7. Awesome! I loved everything about it! The characters and story are excellent. It's refreshing to see something new. Again, great job Muff.

    1. Hey, Chynadoll! Thanks for saying it was refreshing. ^_^

  8. I enjoyed this, Muff. I love that your stories are so full of suspense and each character very well developed. Anthony, although he is a self-centered trip bordering on jerk, has the ability to extend true friendship and advice. Poor Kevin is troubled with his taboo emotions and feelings toward Tasha and Tasha is not yet fully aware. Interesting storyline indeed and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. So even if it takes another month or another quarter, please continue.

    BTW, I also appreciate the inclusion of the separate script and behind the scenes photos.

    Great job!


    1. DBG, that is quite the compliment you are paying me and I appreciate it very much. I did put a bit of work into it so it's nice that people can see the effort in story and production.

      Surprisingly, a large majority of my readership is international (mostly Poland). I felt it warranted adding a transcript so people could use the translator thingy.

  9. I loved this one... and I agree, thank you for the typed dialogue... this way I can read the stories anywhere. Again your setting is just beautiful... and omg I want that Mini Cooper!! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! Of course I got my Mini on sale, but I think it might be worth full price. I haven't seen it in stores anymore as the Fiat is the latest release.

  10. Brilliant! The scene set-up is uber fabulous. Anthony is hot to look at but kinda goofy (in a good way) as you get to know him. Tasha is lovely. Little worried about Kevin getting ready to declare his intentions because they are sibs even if it is by adoption... just have to see how you play that out. Really loved the whole production, Muff.

    1. Given that you are a master dioramaist I take your compliment to heart, Roville. Thank you kindly!

  11. Hello from Spain: congratulations. Your story is beautiful. The sets are spectacular. I like the styling of your boys. The photos are great. I like the clouds of heaven. You're a great creator. It seems all too real. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Hello from Florida, Marta! I had just purchased the new Ken sets and knew one of the shirts would be perfect for Anthony. It's a very tight fit though and both of them are wearing Bieber pants because Ken pants a way too tight for Power Team guys.

      Even though they didn't get shown that much, the clouds came out pretty neat and having different panels like that (cloud/trees) makes it easier to hide the real world stuff in the background.

  12. OMG, you did such a great work! All pictures look full of life and movement, and feelings! Tasha looks very cute, and I do hope she gives Kevin a chance, he really seems very sweet... I cannot wait for her answer!

    1. Thank you so much, Rossetti! I did try to give the dolls some movement. I like mangas/comics so although I wanted the speech bubbles to be that style, since it was a video I thought there should be a bit of liveliness. I wanted to try some stop-motion but I felt that would make the video even longer! Maybe some other time.

  13. This was so good!! I was so excited to see it I had to to pull it up on my xbox to watch it big screen!! As always love the entire thing scenery and all! And tell Anthony to cool it talking bout Jay before me and goons squad up lol!!!!

    1. Jay, I like the idea of my story being seen on the big screen! ^_^
      And heads up, your namesake is not going to fair well in this story, lol. You should have your goons on standby.

  14. Can't say too much about the video because my laptop is on it's last legs, and simply - blogger + youtube = too much to handle for it. Your dioramas are always perfect! They are like an ideal of diorama, looking at them is always making me regret that I have so small apartment, haha. I totaly adore the parking space and those stairs connecting two levels!

    1. LOL, Jewel Snake, I know all about small spaces so my dio is sitting on a bed. Even if you cant see the video I'm glad you enjoyed the dio.

  15. I'm sooo impressed by the size of your dio and all the ideas you incorporated in it! Love it!

  16. Words cant even describe the awsomeness i felt watching this video! the scenery was so real looking and i like the fact that theapartment number was 227.."" There is no place like home!...''' Now i got the song stuck in my head...uggg!! Love the characters and well just loved everything!!

    1. LOL, William! The original 227 is where I got the idea for the name of my complex. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my video. ^_^

  17. Dang Muff you are a natural I Loved Loved Loved this video even though its making me feel like a lazy bum since I haven't made another one yet. God I want one of those Asian power team guys he is so cute and Tasha is so pretty what doll is she.

    1. Mustiwait, you are the least laziest person I know! You turn out those weekly stories like it's nothing. I can only aspire to such heights.

      Tasha is a Barbie Basics, Collection 2.0, Model #8. I changed her lip color and combed the adhesive out of her hair and put her on a LIV body.

  18. Awesome. The scenery is fantastic. Seems like 227 has a weekly lawn person. Love that it's 227, too. That was my show. Love Anthony. All the dialogue was very real and very you. LOL! Knowing the history, now, I feel a little better about Tasha and Kevin's situation. That may just be the way that the Creator has brought them together. Hey Bobbie Christina did that for awhile, too. I think Anthony gave really sound advice.

    P.S. Love the head scarf. LOL!

    1. Vanessa, there are no association fees at 227N. It's an apartment complex in the artistic area of town. Maintenance and landscaping fees are included. ^_^

      I'm not up on real people, so I had to google Bobbie Christina. A line here and there by other characters in the 227 videos probably isn't getting it across well; Kevin and Tasha are definetly step siblings and Kevin's father later adopted her. It's hard to tell a comprehensive story in tiny little segments, lol.

      Those Liv head scarfs are pretty nice! I have a pink one too.

  19. Totally awesome Muff!! Wow! Your dio's are superb. Congrats on doing another video! I know how much work goes into them. I am embarrassed that I have only done one and here you are on your way to making it happen often (fingers crossed-lol!).

    Thanks for the behind the scene shots! Love them!

    1. Georgia Girl, your video was excellent so there is no shame in your game!

      For some reason I feel like I can only use a dio so many times, so I had to make the most of it by eeking out another video, lol.

  20. What a love story! I can't wait for the next part :D
    By the way, ''You like cats?" ahahahahhaahhaaahaahahahahah

    1. Thanks, Tali! I'm very slowly putting the set together but it's taking me awhile.

  21. Your set is just awesome!! What body is that of Kevin's? I have the same doll but his hands came with black gloves and his head doesn't suit Fashionista's bodies :(

    1. Thanks so much, V. Kevin is in his original Power Team body, I just exchanged his hands with another Power Team guy who had regular flesh hands instead of gloves.

      Check out this post to see the different Power Team hands out there. Just give the gloves a steady tug and they will come out.