Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fab Find

Lately, it's been my bad habit to make a run by Toys R Us and Target on Thursday's to see if they have any clearance items.  Didn't find anything at Target I wanted (last time I got the Sweet Talking Ken for $6.49!) but I did find a cute outfit at TRU.  It was marked at $4.88 but rang up at $2.48.  Booya!

I could tell the clothes would be a good fit for my original body Monster doll and luckily, the shoes fit LIV bodies so nothing went to waste.  Except for that iron on thing.  I chucked that.

No way that hood is going over a Monster head, but it's so small it wouldn't fit a Barbie either.  I tried to put the outfit on a LIV body.  Though the top would close at the bottom, it would not fasten at the shoulders and those pants barely fit up one leg.  None of that was a problem for Clawdeen Wolf though!

I much prefer this style of clothing to the insistence of making hoochie wear for dolls (no offence to hoochies).

Given that awkward curve that Monster dolls have, this top is a perfect fit.  Also, if you work with these dolls, you know that they just flop over when posing.  However, this outfit is constricting her joints to the point that she can actually stand on her own.  There is no wire work in these shots.

The side and front pockets on the backpack do not open, but you can get quite a bit of stuff in the inside pocket.  It closes with velcro.

All this stuff fit inside.  For the price, I say this purchase was an awesome buy.

The Extras
By Monster High: Doll, notebook binder
By LIV: Glasses, pantyhose, headphones, ipod, phone, laptop
By Moxie Teenz:  Shoes


  1. Hi, Im a new follower of yours :) Love your blog by the way. After viewing your pics of the Monster High Doll, I am thinking I am going to have to get this one. For some reason they did not turn my head until I saw your pics. Great job on them :) Love the clothing and the accessories

  2. Hi Chynadoll! Thanks and welcome. I waited a long time to get my first Monster because although I loved the facial features, I thought the bodies were too thin and awkward. The first one I got I immediately ploped the head onto a barbie body. The second one was super cheap on Black Friday so I got it too. I figured out that if I dress her so that her arms and upper thighs arent naked, her body proportions don't look so weird.

  3. Your MH doll looks great in that outfit. I use these outfits for my preteens; Stacy and Only Heart dolls. You took some awesome pictures of her. One day I will take good pictures. LOL! But don't hold your breath. That may take some time.

  4. Thanks so much Vanessa. Her photos did turn out nice. She's a drama major though and knows how to pose well.