Monday, January 30, 2012

Claudia's Harumika Product Review

You've met Claudia Wolf, big sis to Clawdeen.  Today, we are going to get a look at her on the job.  She's a popular YouTube Style Guru and works from her apartment.  Let's watch!

"Hey, everyone!  Today I'm going to do a review on Harumika Shoe Fashion Sets.  I used a coupon and was able to pick these up at TRU for about $2.50 each.  I'm only going to be wearing the boots because the shoes are way too big.  These boots will fit both my Monster and Liv friends."

"Okay, I've unboxed everything and this is what I'll be working with today, including the outfit that came with my mannequin.  I'm going to see if I can make two quick outfits out of each fabric.  I'm going to use safety pins to hold stuff together and if I like a outfit I can always stitch it together later.  Get ready for the photos."

"These tights were a bit long on me so I had to tie a knot in them at the feet."

"This bottom fabric came with a seam already sewn into the middle of it.  That's a little awkward if I want a skirt, but it's perfect for making shorts."

"Yes, I know the first photo makes me look pregnant, but I'm not!  Don't spread rumors!  I love this fabric, it's so fun."

"You guys know that slinky, sexy isn't my style, but I'm making it work."

"This fabric was hard to work with, but I'm very pleased with the results.  It will show pin marks very easily though."

"That's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Overall, I'm going to recommend this product.  It was fun to work with and as you can see you can get many looks out of it.  As always, thanks for watching.  Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!"

Behind the Scenes

The Extras
Wall is a metal typewriting stand and a metal pc monitor stand
Wallpaper is scrapbook paper from BigLots
Wainscoting is plain copy paper folded in half with black tape across it
Baseboards are the bottom slide guards from a desk chair
Lamps are from Dollar Tree
Desk set is from Liv
Sofa, side table and TV are Barbie
Artwork is from Dora Explorer
Clothing is Barbie, Liv and Beiber


  1. Love the story! I love the fashions that Claudia created. Thanks for the info that the shoes in these sets will fit MH and Liv dolls. Will be checking out those lights at the Dollar Tree! What an awesome idea!

  2. I love it! The fashions came out great! The story was very cute as well :) I'm with Frannie, gonna have to check out my dollar tree. Love those lamps!

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  4. I love the 2nd and 3rf style sets the best, so chic. ;) Very cool product review!

  5. Great fashion show. I'm going to have to find those lamps!

  6. Love the review..these are a couple of the sets that I've seen. I love the display. I need to grab more of those lights from Dollar Tree before they get snatched up..LOL

  7. I purchase these lamps after seeing what you did with the Liv Spa! I really like them. They come in handy! I love the story and the set! You are making MH doll look better and better. I am hold out for now! LOL! I need to get more Liv bodies before they are gone first. Keep up the good work!

  8. Love those two sets and they way you've combined them! I haven't seen them in Spain, though. Great post!!!

  9. Hello from Spain,i love the designs and how it fits to the Monster. The mean fit too well. The white fur coat i really like. The clothes sewn for or you can change the design? the diorama you as much detail was very real. Thanks for explaining that serve boots. Keep in touch

  10. Claudia has a sweet job! Love your colorful sets & fab photos! I'm with Ms. Leo-- you make the MH dolls look really appealing.

  11. Thanks everyone for your great comments!

    I forgot to mention that the boots also fit Barbies for anyone that doesn't realize that Claudia is on a Fashionista body. The shoes wont fit Barbies or Liv and they just barely fit Monsters.

    If you buy those lamps at Dollar Tree, fair warning that my purple ones burned out in about 2 hours, but the green one kept going for maybe 5 hours. But hey, they are only a buck.

    Some of the clothing pieces are pre sewn, particularly the ones with sleeves, but you can still change the design since they come as two halves and not a whole garment. The leggings are sewn completely but the top is unfinished.

    Thanks, again!

  12. Fabulous job! I love her apartment. You were super creative in creating that. Love those outfits too. Good to know what's possible in the event I find myselt in TRU and they are on clearance.

  13. Thanks, Vanessa. I was surprised myself at what good outfits you could make with just a little piece of hankie and safety pins.