Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bratz Fashions

My Target finally put the old Bratz fashions at 70% off so I was able to get two of them for $2.08 each.  This is not a Target wide sale because the other four Targets in my rotation still have these at $6.99.

There are four outfits in this line and I had already gotten one from Walmart a long time ago for 3 bucks I think.  I skipped the green dress because even at $2.08 I wasn't feeling it and the shoes in the pack were similar to ones I already have.

First up is the coat. This is very well made and detailed. I don't have a single complaint about it.  Even the boots are nice.  The belt strap does not come out of the buckle.  There is velcro underneath it and it fastens to the strap on the opposite side.

I only have 1 of each outfit so I whipped out the tripod so I could get some side-by-side comparison of how they look on a Monster body (taller doll). I had to take the Monster hands off to get the coat on, but other than that, it's a nice fit. I changed the Bratz's shoes so the girls looked similar.

There used to be a little polka dotted bow tie on this but I yanked it off. I feel like this is too short on the Monster, but it's actually falling in the same spot on their thighs.  Still, it looks less "naughty school girl" on the Bratz.

I love how the "school" outfit looks under the coat. It makes it rather smart and stylish.  I rubber banded the blue sleeves to her wrists before I put the coat over it or the blue sleeves would have bunched into the coat.  She looks like a junior reporter running to a scoop.

I'm calling this a ski-bunny jumper because otherwise I don't understand its concept.  It will not fit a Monster body.  Monsters have much longer torsos than Bratzs so the jumper gets stuck at the Monster's hoo-hoo and wont go over her shoulders.

The jumper has a huge faux zipper in front of it that is really stiff. I like the boots, in particular, the fang pointed heels.  The shorts versus long sleeves is really throwing me off. I still don't get it.  Maybe it's pajamas.

Oh, well, the doll likes it, especially after I took that unnecessary zipper off.  She says, "It's fun."

Pfft, whatever.

"Don't mind her! This outfit is awesome!"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Someday Her Prince Will Come ... Sorta

Not the prince she was waiting for I'm sure, but he'll do in a pinch. Getting this Snow White was an adventure. I saw a photo of her on Flickr and thought she was delightful.  Compared to the other Disney maidens she's the only one whose eyes aren't so enormous.  I knew they were having a sale this week so I went to the Disney store on Tuesday and they had the nerve to be out of stock.  They only had the super tall singing ones.  The sales lady said to come back Thursday which is when they restock.

Man, I looked through 30 Snows trying to find the perfect one and of course it was the first one that I picked up, lol.  I know it's a compulsion, but I can't stop myself from looking at them all to be sure I've got the best one.  I know those sales people were like, "Dude, look at this wacky chick! But at least she's putting 'em all back and so neatly too."  Which is another tick of mine - keeping things straight and orderly, ugh.  ANYWAY, for $10 bucks she was mine and I skippy dee do dahed out the store a very happy Muff.

Next I went to Target to see if they had further reduced some clearance Bratz and Liv stuff I've got my eye on but it was all still at the percentages I saw last Saturday so I left them there.  I saw the Prince dude on an end isle for clearance but I thought it was a mistake because the girl versions were still regular price.  His box said $7.46 but he scanned at $4.48. I could tell that his clothing was one big outfit and not separates, but I don't care.  I'm running low on Ken's to experiment on anyway and he's darn cheap so I got him.

I found a Princess and a Prince in one day. Serendipity, baby.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cody Simpson at FYE

If your mall has an FYE store then they may have the Cody Simpson doll on clearance for $7.44.  Mine had the Gold Coast version (see it at the Toys R Us website) and the Denim Jacket version, which is what I got.  Beware of snooty sales clerks though.

Male Clerk:  "A Cody Simpson doll?! Ah-hehe. Is this for youuuuu, lol?"
Pissy Muff:  "Is there a problem if it is for me?!" *eyeballs clerk*
Male Clerk:  "Oh. No! I mean, look! I'm wearing a Cody Simpson bracelet." *holds out wrist*
Pissy Muff:  *refuses to look*
Male Clerk:  "Uhm... that will be $7.96."
Pissy Muff:  *hands over cash with a deafening silence*
Male Clerk:  "Thank you.  Please visit us again."
Pissy Muff:  "Hrmph!"

That's the umpteenth male sales person to say something to me about buying a doll.  Not once, in all this time, has a woman questioned me about a toy purchase.  Even more curious it only happens when I buy a male doll, never when I buy a female one. I got so ticked at one clerk at Walmart I asked him, "What are you? The toy police?! Can I make my purchase without your personal comments?!"  They always ask if it's for me and then laugh like it's soooo funny. Yeah, you butt monkey, it's for me!


Now that I got that off my chest, again, get a nice outfit and a semi articulated doll (not at the wrists) for $7.44.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A 5 Dollar Day

It was a good Saturday.  No extra work to do.  Weather was nice.  A lovely day.  The day was made even better by my finding a toy for $5 or under at every store I went to.

Target $4.48

Toys R Us $4.99

Ross $4.99
I only need Hayden to complete this line.

Tuesday Morning
Box Price $4.99
Cash Register Price $3.99
40% Clearance Price!!!  $2.39 *twirls*

Tuesday Morning $2.99

I knew that the Dora outfit was too big for my girls but I wanted to see if it would fit any of my guys. The shoes don't fit ANY of my dolls, flat footed or tippie toe, so they are a bust.

I took the ribbon off the shorts and stuck a safety pin inside for adjustment and it's fine.  There's no opening, they just slide up.  However, until I took it out the packaging I didn't realise the top actually has straps in the back.

Yeah.  Not very dude-ish.  Then I thought maybe this is a job for a Power Team guy 'cause they have massive chests and maybe it will fit better.

He's looking alright! Good serve, my man.  But again... from the back...

Straps and a flat butt.
Perhaps a Moxie lady should make an effort.

Hey!  I can work with this! 

A lot of adjustments will have to be made though. 

LOL, she looks like a Stegosaurus dinosaur.

Ah, well, it was still a good day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thrift Store Mystery Box #2

It has been four months since I opened the first Mystery Box that I got from the thrift store.  I kind of forgot about it even though it's been sitting in my living room this entire time, lol.  I'm moving a bunch of stuff around so I figured I would get to the mystery box as well.

They really stuffed this box to the brim with stuff.  It wasn't that heavy so I wasn't expecting so many things.

These would be part of my rejection pile.  Except for the music box and flashlight, most of these things are in good condition.  The Buzz Lightyear still talks and his joints are firm.  He has some gum stuck to him and scuff marks but I'll remove those before I rebox him.

I think a sibling got a hold of this because usually it takes a relative to mess up your stuff and leave you hate messages on your toys.  Even the ballerina was ripped off.  Poor Cinderella.

I presume this was a Toys R Us plane because that looks like the Geoffrey mascot on the rudder.

The plushie items.  The doll has a bean bag body.  I think with some cleaning any little kid would like these.  Maybe not that big bear, 'cause it looks a bit mean.

I will keep this stuff for other uses.  I love the Build a Bear hoops.  I can envision an outdoor basketball court in my future... with a different backboard of course.

Yay, furniture!  Most of this is broken, missing pieces or warped, but I don't care.  It gives me an opportunity to work my refurbishing skills.

Both of these are LPS.  That yellow animal does not go with the box though as it's too big.  The inside of the box is amazing.  You push the little button on the bottom and kabloom!

It opens out to this tiny little LPS world.  You can feed, play, sleep, potty and bathe your LPS.  There is even room to store 3 of them in the top of the box.

The details and cuteness factor of this thing are out of control!  That rubber ducky has so much attitude.  I'm totally keeping this.

This is some kind of music player.  It's only three inches in diameter so they must be mini discs that I'm assuming are the plastic kind we used to have a kids.  I want to keep it, but at the same time, I'm like, "Girl, whatchu gonna do with that?"

Again with the one shoe.  That's just annoying.  If you don't have a pair, don't put them in the box!  I will be keeping the brown shirt, Sponge Bob pants, harem pants and white cap.

All these were inside the purple bag. I don't know what that black harness was for but I'm keeping it - the other stuff, uh, no.

Hands down, the best thing in the box.  A replica of a 1963 Stingray Corvette.  It's 5.5 inches long, made of die cast metal with rubber wheels.

The doors and hood open.  There are scuff marks and black residue in some places but since it is metal I should be able to remove those.  Now I just need a tiny doll to drive it. ^_^.

With 20% off I got all this stuff for $4.80.  Sure, I'll throw away the gunky items and return a hefty portion to a different thrift store, but even so, not a bad deal, I'd say.

Edit to add some extra photos of the dress with white trim:


Monday, September 3, 2012

Mini Tripod

I found this over the weekend at a Dollar Tree that isn't close to my neighborhood.  I thought they all carried the same stuff, but this one had a lot of things that mine doesn't carry.  For one, this cute little tripod.

They come in white, blue and red.  There is no center column to raise it for additional height, but the plate can be screwed up and down (or off of) the bolt.  The housing for the legs might seem out of proportion for 1:6 scale, but compared to a real tripod, it's actually not.  Let's see it out in the field!

Tatiana wants to test out her new tripod so she heads over to Jordan and Max's to take some test shots.  Max was out walking his dog, Teddy, and came back to find a photoshoot on his doorstep.

Max is hanging back so that he and Teddy don't get in the way. Besides he likes seeing Tatiana bend over... uh, I mean, he likes seeing her engaged in her work.

The telescope feature isn't very high, but I've taken photos at this level many a time using the LCD screen.  I twisted the plate up so it was flush with the bolt head and then put HandiTak under the camera to secure it down. 

Here are some of the photos that Tatiana shot:


Jordan asked to have one of Claudia by herself. ^_^.

Max was completely distracted and Teddy got away from him.

Teddy loves it when that Claudia lady comes over.
She smells different than the other humans.

A group portrait

Final verdict:  The Mini Tripod is awesome.  It is a little on the rickety, wobbly side, but my usual thought applies on something I get from the dollar store; "What the heck you expect for a buck?"

The Extras
Tatiana: Ken tuxedo shirt and pants, Basic accessory pack tennis shoes and belt
Jordan: Moxie Teenz jeans and earrings, Ken shirt, Liv shoes
Claudia: Talking Bratz top and skirt, Fashionista boots, Moxie Teenz earrings
Max: Power Team fatigues, Basic Ken top and accessory glasses, Bieber shoes
Teddy:  Liv collar and leash
Camera: SIS doll set, recolored