Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yes, It's Another Sparkle Girlz Post

I swear this is the last time I'll post about Sparkle Girlz clothes.... this year, lol. I'm sure you're as sick of me going on about Sparkle clothes as I am, but dang, they just keep upping the ante with their fashion sense and choices.

This latest batch has some wonderful fabric patterns and they are adding additional trimmings and fringe with less use of serger stitches. I am highly impressed.

Never would I wear this but I like the bold fabric.

Again, not two pieces I would put together but I like the design.

They always have a cute graphic print.

I cant recall if these were eyelet shorts or a skirt.

The little puff ball piping in the shorts is cute!

Love this together and as separates.

Not my style, but that rose print is gorgeous

This fabric is the coolest. Very Coachella.

Way back in my misspent youth I would have dug all these colors.

Okay, I detest this dress, but I appreciate the fabric.

Working that hot pleather!

There were about 15 more fashions that I didn't photograph. The Walmart clerk was eyeballing me 'cause she was trying to straighten the isle, so I hurried up and photo'd my favorites. You'll have to locate the rest of them yourselves. Happy searching!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Lori Gourmet Market

I've seen these on other blogs ages ago, but it was my first time finding them in person and I had a coupon so yay!