Thursday, May 23, 2013

Liv Maple Lodge Remodel

From this

To this

Okay, it's less of a remodel and more about just chopping the "lodge" off, lol. Still, for my purposes, it's an improvement. It went through a few changes before I settled on a look that I liked.

First I used my dremel to cut the top metal rod holding the two sections together and wiggled the lodge up until it came up off the bottom rod.  Next I made a backsplash by gluing scrap paper to cardboard, covered it with ribbed shelf liner made by Contact (at Target $5) and slid it into the back groves. I didn't like the paper color in the end and went with a graphic floral instead.

I then decided to make a cupboard shelf to place on the top section of the frame using cardboard and covering it with contact paper. The cardboard already had the large crease in it so I used the actual width of the ruler and a metal emery board to score the sides.

Again, I wasn't feeling the results.  It was too tall and kinda lumpy.  A thinner cardboard and a shorter height would have been better. Instead I just covered a single strip of cardboard and this way the kitchen frame is about the same height as the fridge.

I had some chairs that were the same pink/glitter as the fridge doors so I gave them a magic marker treatment as well and sealed them with satin varnish. Pretty sexy, yeah?  It may not look like much, but I made a island table using a metal thingy I got at the thrift store for 99 cents and covered it with a clear lid from a 50 cent (1/2 off price) box I got at Target.

Even though I abandoned my cardboard shelf idea, I still wanted some shelves so I used the ribbed shelf liner to jazz up the Target boxes.  It's not glued together.  I placed the liner inside the lid, put the box on top of it and taped the lid to the box at the top and bottom.

Put all that effort together and you get this:

Heck yeah! That's pretty sweet if I do say so myself.  It's a simple redo but I think it came out rather swanky. I like it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Glam Fridge Remodel

It's taking me forever to build an interior dio for my 227N apartment complex. The outside was so much easier and faster. Now that I have to deal with furnishings and junk I keep distracting myself with things I want to make or remodel to fill the unit with.  First up is a complete overhaul of a Glam Refrigerator.  I'm tackling this 2011 version:

I have two of these so messing one up wasn't a big deal. It would have been much simpler to just spray paint this, but you know I like to try different methods and applications - that and I don't like to spray paint, lol.

I removed all the doors and hardware and decided to use white contact paper to cover the interior. The rack slots were painted with white paint. It turned out pretty good. I hadn't done the outside yet because I wasn't sure if I was going to use contact paper, ink or paint.  It would depend on the doors, which turned out to be a headache.

I wasted A LOT of time working on these doors. I filled in the Barbie icon recesses with modeling paste on both sides so they wouldn't be visible, then applied two coats of gesso over the doors. After I put the black paint on I was all, "Ugh, this looks so pop-ish and modern." I had also put so much gesso on that the doors were too thick to swing open all the way. FAIL! Thank goodness I had another pair of doors to try.

Also thank goodness for my trusty magic marker.  It hasn't failed me yet. True, I can see the Barbie icons but since it's black and shiny, instead of pink and glittery, it isn't as annoying. I put white contact paper on the exterior of the fridge as well because I like the black and white contrast. I put satin varnish only on the black ink that's on the fridge, but none on the doors.  I'm going to be touching the handles, not the doors so it didn't seem worth the effort (put satin varnish though if you want to keep the shine).

Sometimes when I try to get all fancy it works out, but more often than not, it doesn't, lol. I really like the magic marker doors. They've got a nice crisp shine and no icky paint streaks like the other doors. I'm pleased with the overall look.

Next up, I'll remodel a Liv kitchenette.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Need An Intervention Because...

I cant stop going to that thrift store.  Their new location has been open for 10 days (they are closed on Sundays) - and I have gone to it 9 of those 10 days. Granted, I pass by it during my routine comings and goings, but I'm like addicted to it.  I just don't want to miss finding something awesome though! How can I stop when I stumble on cool stuff like this:

Bijou Moxie Teenz. Do you know how long I have been trying to find the black Moxie Teenz body in the stores? FOREVER! And boom, here she is in absolutely perfect condition for $2.95.

I don't know who this guy is and he has a ink stain on his face, but I liked his clothes and I can practice mouth closing on him as well as ink removal.  Totally worth $2.95.

Lovely ladies paired together for $3.95.  I only have one of this face, my former fairy, so I was happy to find more molds of her.

Another Brandy! This performance version has much longer braids than the other one and she too is in excellent condition.  Her battery has run down so I don't know what she is singing. The other doll looks like Summer and her hair is jacked up but I can practice my hair cutting skills - which don't exist, lol.  They were paired for $2.95.

Happy Family grandpa in his original outfit! He has a little loose seam in his sweater and that's it. Everything else is mint. I was all, "Grandpa! What are you doing paired with that young woman?! Where is your wife?" But then...

Found her! She is looking a little worse for wear and has some white splotches on her chest and back that I hope is just paint.  That is not her original outfit but I'm sure I'll find something for her to wear. I don't know what is happening with that lady she is hanging out with.  Kinda looks like they both went on a bender.  Both these sets were $3.95.

Ah, that's better.  She still looks wasted though. For shame, grandma.

That was all the dolls I purchased, but now I'd like to welcome you to the car show. Price of admission? Only $2.95 each:

Bratz Convertible Cruiser. I don't know why they made such long cars for such short dolls.  Chad is the only male doll that will fit and he's super short. Monster High and Bratz bodies will fit (of course), but not Liv or Barbies.

My Scene My Ride Convertible. Frickin' awesome! So roomy even the Moxie Teenz can fit comfortably in it. Even though the doors don't open, there are some nice details in this car; the side mirrors close, there is a flip open navigation screen, levers for the steering column, gas cap opens, magazine holders in the doors and cup holders in the console.

Found another My Scene! A lady came up behind me in line when I was holding both cars and said, "Oh! You got the car I wanted. I was gonna get that car with the fuzzy wheel. Oh, I really wanted that." And then she smiled and stared at me like she thought I was gonna give it to her. I smiled back and shrugged with false sympathy, "It's mine now."  She nodded and looked away.  On the inside I know she was thinking, "This dirty cow took my car." Because I was thinking, "Trick, I will fight you in this store before I give you this car!"  Thankfully we were both ladies about it.

I got this Barbie mobile to practice painting on. I actually don't mind this color. I like hot pink, just not light pink or pastels. I also liked that the hubcaps weren't those obnoxious B's that I've seen them use.  I didn't realize until I got it home that those were high heels in the caps, lol.

So, that's all the dolls and cars that I got. I did temper myself because there were bunches more dolls and cars that I didn't get. I saw plenty of radio and remote controlled Barbie/Bratz cars - even a huge limousine, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Always being mindful of my space constraints I only got the things that really, really interested me or I was curious about fixing up. Still, I think I'm getting out of control and I need to calm the eff down and stop going over there so much. Like, seriously.