Saturday, September 24, 2016

Barbie Cruise Ship

Found at the Thrift Store for $12 I think this is my least favorite set of all the ones I've come across. It's interesting, but to apply a bad pun, it doesn't float my boat. It's missing the top deck stuff and pool, and it didn't come with the camera you need to have it make sounds. But the sound panel is corroded anyway because of battery leakage.

Fully loaded, it originally looked like this:

Image from eBay

Image from eBay

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

It's decent enough for photo ops, but if I was going to customize it, I would separate it and remove the caption's bridge. I'm too lazy for that though.

If there is anyone near Jacksonville, FL who wants it, you can have it. You have to meet me at the 103rd Street Public Library any Saturday after 1PM. I'm keeping all the accessories though! First person to email my Yahoo at heyitsmuff with a date and time and it's yours.

More heads in the shop
Facebook feature photo is Summer

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Barbie Camping Fun Accessories

I forgot to take individual photos of these new accessories, so here's a blurry capture from the video:

Not that my dolls are big campers, but I do like these accessories and for the price they seem worth it quality wise. The fire wood looks a tad poopy-esque by itself, but I'm sure once you stick the flame in it, it'll look more firey. My favorite item is the lantern. It looks warm and robust. The pillow is the only item that seems off. Or perhaps when people camp they take hard as crap plastic pillows to sleep on.

This Week:
Mulan and Madison in the Shop
Facebook feature photo is Madison

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Best Video Editing App For Your Phone?

I have been messing around with phone video editing apps and below is a trailer I made using iMovie, Videorama and PocketVideo.

iMovie came with my phone but I believe it costs $5 in the app store and there are no additional fees or add ons you can get. It's a basic editor without many features or thrills.

Videorama is tricky with their pricing. It's free to use if you don't mind a watermark in the corner. To get rid of the watermark it costs $3.99. To add additional features it costs $.99 for each one, of which there are 10. For one item you can unlock it for free if you leave a review. They recently did an update where for $5.99 you can unlock everything they offer. Videorama has HUNDREDS more features than iMovie and access to free stock videos and images via Pixabay.

PocketVideo is suspiciously free and has no watermark. However, after creating a few videos it will force you to complete a survey where it asks you if you would be willing to pay for the app by features, by subscription or by a flat fee. PocketVideo has THOUSANDS more features than iMovie and Videorama combined. It is chocked full of imagery and options and it's also directly tied to YouTube. You can access the YouTube music library and any public video in case you want to do video reviews. PocketVideo is also the worst to work with and is glitchy beyond measure. Truly, all three apps are glitchy, but PocketVideo is seriously the worst. It's good for creating opening and ending titles. But for editing your video? Not really.

If you are looking for flash and dazzle and lots of gifs floating in your videos, choose Pocket Video. If you want nice effects and can spare about $10, choose Videorama. Want simple clean videos with a few effects, then iMovie is the way to go. OR, if you're a little ditzy like me, get all three and mash 'em up!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Barbie Bath & Bubbles House

It's been raining all week and I was feeling cooped up. What better way to entertain myself than to finally open up and do research on one of my dusty year old thrift store finds. As usual, it's missing all the accessories, but for $3.95 I can't complain.

I'm always appreciative of the technical aspects of the fold & store designs Mattel creates. This one is quite impressive. It's coloring aside, the set feels like a small French studio with its bustling venue outside and compact living inside.

Some images straight from the video: