Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japanese Imports at Tuesday Morning

Tomorrow is a holiday in the states, so I don't know if Tuesday Morning will be open. If they are, you might want to check one out. Lisa Neault posted that she found new J-Dolls and small Pullips there. They last carried a line of J-Dolls and Little Dals back in February. I went to visit my nearest TM as soon as I saw her post and this is the stock they had:

Image on back of box

This was my first time seeing a regular Pullip in person and I really don't know what to say. He (or she) is very... flamboyant is the best word I can think of. The head is ginormous and the turban and curls make it doubly so. I know people love Pullips, so I'm going to shut up about this doll because I'm just not feeling it.

They only had these 4 Little Pullips and Little Dals. The costuming on these is more sweet than I prefer so I didn't get any. I do like the face on the Nanette Pullip. I would like her on a regular sized body.

They are also carrying an assortment of Ai Ball Jointed Dolls. I think the price on these was $29.99 but don't quote me. They look so cute when you open the box. But when you tilt it and get a good look at their faces... I dunno, something about the eyes is spooky and not in a good way.

These are the only new J-Dolls my store had. I love them both and the ash blond is spooky done right. Her eyes are a haunting violet and her milky skin tone gives her an undead appeal. I'll be visiting my other TM's to see if they are carrying more versions because they didn't have the one that Lisa found.

I don't have a photo, but TM is also carrying the Pinkie Cooper with Pets sets for $6.99 which is $3 cheaper than when Target had them on clearance.


Doll identification please:

On the back of this Barbie Cake Baker box is an image of other dolls in the line. I have seen all those other dolls, except for the one in black. I looked for "I Can Be" at Mattel but she isn't popping up. Does anyone know what she is supposed to be, because I really like her outfit. I thought she was maybe Backstage Barbie or something, but a search for that just got me porn.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Organizing Tip and MiWorld Foolishness

Since I had a relatively easy time making the video where I asked for a doll's identification, I thought I'd try another one! It has voice narration as well as subtitles. Here's the actual dialog from the video and a few pics if you're unable to watch it:

"Because lack of space is always an issue, I've been taking a cue from the way My Fancy Life and Gloria package their play sets, which is very compactly.

The more brand name sets, like Mattel, Bratz, etc., have an excessive amount of packaging. So, I've started consolidating my sets by breaking them down and putting multiples in one box.

I'll either put a number to tell me how many sets are in a box or a graphic from the discarded packaging, so I'll know what's what.

While I'm doing this, I'm also going through and removing all the small accessories. I want to organize these into little storage bins to make it easier to find stuff, like so.

As I consolidate the sets, I'm also testing them out, seeing how they work and you know... playing with them. ^__^

Eventually, I got to the MiWorld sets.

This is Sprinkles and DQ. First impressions, I thought they were pretty cute. They seem well made and easy to put together. The colors aren't garish... or pink. They are simple pieces and not overly complicated. Even though the material is thin, it feels rather sturdy.

And then I tried to put the Sprinkles table and chair together. At first, the connections seemed to be easy. This small notch goes here. This larger notch fits there. Aaand they snap into place... but keep watching it. [chair shifts] You saw that move, right? I thought, "Hmm, let me try the table." Its pieces only fit one way too. Short end for the top and long end for the base. You poke it. And then you plop it. Get on there. There you go. [chair's leg falls off] Oops. I take a closer look to see why the leg wont stay put. It fits snuggly and nothing is blocking it. But watch. It just pops right out! What the heck?!

While I was fiddling with other stuff, the table fell over for no reason. I put it back together and watch... [table top leans over] *LOL* I try again. Will you fit! Okay, you think it's on but it's not. Just keep watching. [table top leans over] Really? Seriously? *scoff* Like... Whatever, man.

Other than the fact that you have to superglue it together if you want to use the table and chairs, it's got some very nice pieces... I guess."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sparkle Girlz Fashions & Pool Party

Chandra models a Sparkle Girlz top and purse that I got at Walmart over the weekend for $1.97. I don't have a Sparkle to measure their height, but this is actually a dress, not a blouse. Anyway, I only found this single fashion so I came online to check if other blogs had come across them and Adrian had found bunches more.

Today, after visiting 2 Walmarts I was about to give up because neither had any fashions and I figured the one I found was a clearance. But then, just like a sign from the Heavens, Adrian commented to me that not only were there single fashions but there was also a "Fashion Boutique" and it has 5 outfits for $8.88. I couldn't give up after that and I went to one more Walmart. They had 24 different fashions!!! But no boutique pack. Oh well, Muff was still pleased.

And yes, I completely rearranged this display so you could see each fashion by itself, lol. The additional 6 fashions you cant see on this rack can be seen in the ones I purchased.

The fashion's quality range from crappy clone-esque to middle-of-the-road Mattel. Dare I say a few pieces are even up to Liv standards. However, when you consider the price - they are totally worth buying.

When you are going through the racks be sure to check multiple packs because like in the photo above, the shirts are the same, but the pants are different.

Before finding the Sparkle stuff, I had picked up these two dolls that were in the clearance section. I was going to put the Bratz back since I got so many fashions and didn't want to spend so much money. But I had to put Nikki back too because I saw this:

A freakin' pool party for only $7.97! I was like, "Is this price right?!" Then I picked it up and shook it and it sounded like it was full of toothpicks, lol. Then I was all, "Hmm yeah, I can see why it's only $8.00." But I was just so curious about it and wondered how bad it could possibly be and got it anyway.

Just like some of the Gloria/My Fancy Life sets, the instructions to put it together are printed on the box.

You will pull out a single cardboard insert. One side of it shows the table, pool and life preserver.

Other side shows the beach ball, lounge chair and lawn chair.

It's made of the thinnest plastic imaginable. However, it is very easy to put together. Will it fall apart just as easily? Probably. You should put all the slats on first before you connect the sides of the chair, but I wanted to show you the general construction of the separate pieces.

The lounger is the perfect size for a Barbie. It only has a single position, so you can't adjust it. The wheels do roll though. Those sun glasses are too big for her head and are only staying on her face because a rubber band is holding them in place.

The table is a whole lot cuter than it appears on the box. On the box it looked short and stumpy, but it's a nice height. This Chandra has click knees and her legs will only bend a little bit. Even so, she still sits nicely in the chair. A doll with articulated knees sits in it perfectly.

The inflatable pool has two blow ports which gives the pool a nice double ring design. Chandra can barely fit into this pool so this is probably more suited as a kiddie pool than for an adult. A Liv body can sit it with no problems but she looks rather silly. 5 Kelly's or 3 Sis's would fit great. I'm not about to put any water in this thing, but I would not trust it being water tight at all.

The beach ball and preserver are hard, thin plastic, so if you drop them on a non carpeted surface they are going to break very easily. The little pink towel that comes with the set is actually a nice piece of fabric. Not too thin and slightly plush to the touch.

Overall, and even with its very, VERY thin construction, it's a darn nice set and totally worth the price. I kind of judge sets on if I would want to purchase a second one. And you know, I kinda do. I could see multiples of the table and chairs sitting outside a bistro restaurant or as picnic stations in a park. Also, since they come unassembled you could easily give them a customized paint job. I'm overloaded with sets as it is, so I doubt I'll get another one, but I'm quite happy to add this one to my collection.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Retr-O-Rama Collectibles Show

Last weekend I attended the Retr-O-Rama show that was held in the same venue as Knight's Doll and Bear Show. I'm a big fan of old movies, anime and sci fi, so that was the main draw for me going to this. I actually didn't take much money with me because I'm saving up to attend the Knight's show in November.

I only bought 4 things and here they be freshly washed and drying off.

A vendor wanted $80 for this entire set, which is a very good deal. However, I only wanted the Wicked Witch of the East doll and I didn't have $80 anyway. I also already have that Dorothy because I found her at the thrift store. I circled by his booth a couple of times and finally he said I could have just the Witch for $40. I didn't have $40 either, lol. So for the first time I let my mom buy me something because I REALLY wanted her.

Here she is prewashing in case I totally ruined her outfit by soaping it. From pictures I've found online, it looks like she's only missing her hat. Those shoes are only on her feet because there are plastic ties around them. Once removed, they don't fit over the stockings, nor do they fit over her naked feet either.

Her stockings are stained from the dress in the back, but it's not too bad. When you push a button in her back she plays Ding Dong The Witch is Dead. She only has click knees, but they hold their position pretty well.

Her outfit survived the cleaning. That emblem on her tummy is peeling off so eventually I may need to apply some fabric glue to it. I like the clothing a lot. She looks like a harsh head mistress from the 1800's.

Her facial screening is glorious. I don't want to offend any Fashion Royalty folks, but she really gives me an FR vibe, albeit a poor man's version.

I hope I can find a pale articulated body that will suit her.. and all the other pale heads I have. The Liv Sophie is the right body shade, but I want a more mature body than that. I was hoping Fashionista Raquelle would work, but she's too pink. Does anyone know if the Barbie Frank Sinatra or Elvis dolls are pale toned?

I also picked up a 1:12 Sesshomaru figure from the Inuyasha anime for only $5. He's a very good likeness to his character. He's not very articulated, but no matter. He's just supposed to stand there and look pretty.

Mr. Spock for $20. He's from the same line my Sulu is from. Even though the vendor swore he was new in box and based on the tape, he probably was, but he was covered in fuzz, or mold or webbing or something. This was the first time I had to wash a doll that was in a box. I also sprayed the box with bug spray in case a spider was living in there.

He comes with two right hands and his "shoes as feet" are much better than that of Sulu who comes with boots. With minimal effort you can get his feet off, but I wouldn't make a habit of it.

The bottom of his pants are shaped so that it's actually easy to get them over his feet. His jacket is very detailed and is one piece sewn together at the shoulder.

I wanted to see if the jacket could be an asymmetrical dress for the ladies. You'd have to modify the sleeves and take in some of the bodice, but I don't want to do all that, so never mind.

Lieutenant Uhura for $10! Okay, not a very good likeness to Nichelle Nichols and not really a doll, but I still thought she was super cool. She's only articulated at the waist and shoulders. Her arms seem exceptionally long and her legs very short. But I dunno, I found her quite appealing.

She's only 9.5 inches compared to Spock's 12 inches. And no, I don't ship these two. I did not see the first newer version of Star Trek but I saw the second one and I don't like them as a couple at all. They turned Uhura's character into some whiney, clingy girlfriend who's more focused on her boyfriend than doing her job. Bleh.

Just because she's an "action figure" doesn't mean I cant dress her up, lol! So far I've found two outfits she can wear. She'll always have to wear skirts, but she's got the legs for 'em. ^_^

The rest of these photos are just general ones showing the venue, some items and a few of the people who came in costume.

I never knew Spiderman had... or needed a crime lab