Sunday, September 3, 2017

Do You Have A Nicole Doll?

Tuesday Morning is carrying the Nicole dolls. $9.99 for a deluxe articulated version and $4.99 for a regular version that only has articulated knees.

Produced in 2014, these are the same people that made the Kenya and Friends dolls. I only have one Kenya doll that I purchased as a body donor. I like that those bodies have big old boobies, but their knees are the hinged typed and their necks are quite low and don't bend well you want to use them as donors. If I recall, the clothing wasn't that great and the earrings that came with my Kenya doll broke into pieces when I removed them.

I'm on the fence about getting one of the Nicole ladies. Although, that rose dress does look cute and fancy, I like the day wear better. If anyone has one, what do you think of the Nicole clothing quality? Decent? Feels like paper? Total crap???