Sunday, June 4, 2017

Barbie Chef & Waiter Set

Well, well, well, what have we here?
Saw this new set at Walmart.
This is actually the first Curvy model I've noticed in a set. That doesn't mean there haven't been others, of course. I see such hate and disdain on posts about Curvy Barbie's that I guess I was pleasantly surprised that Mattel is featuring one in a set and not just on Instagram.

The prototype Barbie on the back is gorgeous and has a distinguished cupids bow.

The real one though looks, uh, a tad different. Her lip paint got jacked up too.

I know it wouldn't be durable at all, but for once I'd like them to issue one of these hats as cloth or paper.

But I doubt that would ever happen considering they keep issuing these faux outfits. From a distance they look okay but close up they look so sad.

Both dolls have flat feet with the chef rocking some Crocs and the waiter in nice dress shoes.

Apparently you are dining alone because there is only 1 plate in this set! Now that's stingy.