Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Family Grandma's Kitchen

I found this set at the thrift store almost 2 years ago and never got around to opening it, along with several others just sitting around gathering dust. I want to use the sets as photo backdrops for stuff I sell and since this one isn't pink, I figured it would be the easiest to fix up.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Game Developer Barbie

Here's a story on Yahoo about the new Game Developer Barbie. Yahoo links disappear quickly so I'll post the Mattel photos in case the article shifts. Don't read the comment section if you are sensitive. It's full of pervs and aholes.

I like everything about this doll, well, except for the no articulation. The ICB Computer Engineer they released had articulated arms and wrists and it would have made sense to do the same with this one, but Mattel is gonna do what Mattel is gonna do. It would be awesome if the AA version had a big ol' fro or double afro puffs! But... it will probably be straight haired Nikki again.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disney Faces Revamp

I have not been to the Disney store in forever, so I don't know if they've done this also, but the retail Disney dolls, which have less articulation and less quality clothing, have had a serious face revamp. It's like they've taken them away from a human look and turned them into their younger cartoon images by making their eyes ginormous. Not that I have a problem with that, but some of the changes were more successful than others.

If I had an older version of the doll, I've added a pic so you can see the difference. Also, most of my dolls are from the thrift store, so I don't know if my version is Disney Disney or Mattel Disney.

Tiana's face seems more narrow and those big doe eyes give her a charming appearance. She almost appears elfin. This one I like. It has a high cuteness factor.

Rapunzel looks better as the doll, than she does in that art rendering. She has freckles and I'm a sucker for freckles so again, I approve. I still haven't watched this movie. I heard it was pretty good. It's on my list of things to watch that I never will.

I am in love with that Merida rendering. It's fierce and gorgeous. The doll has never really floated my boat so I have no opinion on this change one way or the other. Meh.

Who approved this?! Snow, what did they do to you? Girl, no. I do like the detail added to the bottom of her dress. It's kinda dark and foreboding.

I rather dig this Jasmine. She looks... spunky. My versions look... regal and less inclined to ride carpets.

Before anyone thinks they lightened Pocahontas into another race, my phone amped up the lighting, not the doll maker. Having said that, that doll does not look like the character. I mean, I love how the doll looks, but that aint the Pocahontas I saw in the movie.

Uh, Aurora. Something isn't right but I cant put my finger on it. If you take the features individually and compare them to the drawing they are the same. But put together on the dolls face they don't look right to me. Hmm.

Lord love a duck, no. Another one where it compares point-by-point to the drawing but doesn't come together well.

I almost prefer the new Belle. She looks more mischievous and her lip shape is adorbs. I never did understand why the dolls' eyes are green when Belle's eyes are brown.

I like my old Cinderella so much better. She looks like she's been through some ish. Had a hard life, cried a few tears, but always kept her hair on point 'cause she's a mf-ing lady. New one looks like she's straight out of charm school. She aint even met them step-sisters yet.

There was no Mulan! What the heck? Well, I'll throw in the three versions I have anyway. I wonder if she's still getting darker.

If it was their intention to make these be younger, teenish versions of the characters, which they have done plenty of times but usually making them babies or toddlers, then that's cool. However, if that was the case, they should have made the art renderings younger too and then I would have not felt this overwhelming need to compare the two. You know I have issues! *twitch*

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Outdoor Adventures, Part 2

Well over [a year ago], I attempted my first outdoor doll shoot. Since then, even though I've taken dolls with me on my travels, I never got around to photographing them. I finally picked a weekend and tried again.

Maybe if I had my own private yard I could stick with this, but I can't deal with people, bugs AND Guinea pig pheasants. I just cant. Perhaps I'm a delicate effing flower with a piss poor attitude but I don't want things crawling on me, or trees pooping their pollen dander on my head or random people being all up in my mutha-bleeping grill.

After only one hour I'd had enough and bounced. Never again.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Get Your Sparkle On

A new Walmart opened about 20 minutes from me. I was hoping they'd have a new selection of toys, but it was the same old, same ol'. They did have a big selection of Sparkle wear though!

I would totally wear that top in real life

I would wear this top too

I know some might turn their noses up at the $1.97 Sparkle stuff, but I think they have some rather cute fashions. True, it's not the best quality but I am seeing some improvements with their stitching versus their first release.