Monday, January 30, 2012

Claudia's Harumika Product Review

You've met Claudia Wolf, big sis to Clawdeen.  Today, we are going to get a look at her on the job.  She's a popular YouTube Style Guru and works from her apartment.  Let's watch!

"Hey, everyone!  Today I'm going to do a review on Harumika Shoe Fashion Sets.  I used a coupon and was able to pick these up at TRU for about $2.50 each.  I'm only going to be wearing the boots because the shoes are way too big.  These boots will fit both my Monster and Liv friends."

"Okay, I've unboxed everything and this is what I'll be working with today, including the outfit that came with my mannequin.  I'm going to see if I can make two quick outfits out of each fabric.  I'm going to use safety pins to hold stuff together and if I like a outfit I can always stitch it together later.  Get ready for the photos."

"These tights were a bit long on me so I had to tie a knot in them at the feet."

"This bottom fabric came with a seam already sewn into the middle of it.  That's a little awkward if I want a skirt, but it's perfect for making shorts."

"Yes, I know the first photo makes me look pregnant, but I'm not!  Don't spread rumors!  I love this fabric, it's so fun."

"You guys know that slinky, sexy isn't my style, but I'm making it work."

"This fabric was hard to work with, but I'm very pleased with the results.  It will show pin marks very easily though."

"That's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Overall, I'm going to recommend this product.  It was fun to work with and as you can see you can get many looks out of it.  As always, thanks for watching.  Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!"

Behind the Scenes

The Extras
Wall is a metal typewriting stand and a metal pc monitor stand
Wallpaper is scrapbook paper from BigLots
Wainscoting is plain copy paper folded in half with black tape across it
Baseboards are the bottom slide guards from a desk chair
Lamps are from Dollar Tree
Desk set is from Liv
Sofa, side table and TV are Barbie
Artwork is from Dora Explorer
Clothing is Barbie, Liv and Beiber

Saturday, January 28, 2012

BigLots Confessions

BigLots was having a 20% off sale today so I wanted to stop by and see if they had any new World Peacekeepers.  Okay, that's not totally true.  This last week I've read Books 4 and 3 of the Twilight Saga.  I read them in that order actually since I'm downloading them from the Library.  Haven't gotten to Books 1 and 2 yet.  I saw the 1st movie online ages ago and thought it was horrible, so I poo pooed everything about the series.  But, now that I've read those books, I want the dolls, lol.  The 2 Lots closest to me were out of them, but there's another one I can check later.

Anyway, they did have a new Peacekeeper on a 1/6 scale Kawasaki for $20, but even with $4 off I decided not to buy it.  If the dude would have had hands instead of gloves, I probably would have gotten it.  I don't have a pic because for some reason I feel like if I take a photo in BigLots they will tackle me or something.

I did not leave empty handed though.  I spent a whole $77 cents!  One of the Lots is now carrying these Crazerasers.  I already had all but one of the sets they were stocking.

I collect these but I haven't done anything with them other than admire them and then stick them in a bin.  Some of them are 1/6 scale but most are not.  I just think they are kind of cute.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey, It's Harumika

I had a $3 off Toys R Us coupon about to expire and I used it to buy this mannequin.  It was on clearance as well, so I got it for $4.21.  I always stare at these things curiously when I'm in the store and I figured, "what the heck."  I think I really just wanted the wig, but found it's too small for a Barbie head. Oh, well.

If I was the clothes designing type I could see having one of these, but for now, I'll just put it in my accessories cart.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Made Some Stuff!

I made a few books, dvd covers and magazines.  This time instead of just taking pics of stuff on top of my coffee table or desk, I staged a little scene to show them off.  Woot woot, my first diorama!  Meet Chandra and Joe.  They've been dating a few months.  They went out for a early meal and have come back to her place to watch a movie and relax.

Chandra's small selection of dvds and paperbacks.

Joe has his movie pick, but Chandra wants to see something else.

She wins, but he doesn't mind.

Later, Joe asks Chandra to read to him.  He loves hearing her voice.

Eventually, the room goes quiet.

Thanks for visiting.

The Extras
Bookcase and coffee table are from Michaels
Planter is a pencil holder and the foliage is from Dollar Tree
Wallpaper is cardstock from Big Lots
Settee is a Barbie sofa with a black wool cap over it
Rug is my pc mousepad
Chandra is a Barbie So In Style and is wearing Barbie fashions
Joe is a Power Team World Peacekeeper and is wearing Power Team fashions

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SuperTarget to the Rescue!

I am so freakin' happy!  I did a Sunday toy run today, which means first stop is Toys R Us, next Big Lots, then Walmart and ending with SuperTarget.  They are all on the same road within 5 minutes from one store to the next.  TRU had the car for $29.99.  How fail of them.  Big Lots and Walmart didn't have it at all.  I didn't really expect Big Lots to, but I was passing by anyway.  And then came SuperTarget.  I'm not even gonna lie, I did a little, "Yes, Yes!," dance in the isle.  From $26.99 to $20.99 - that's good enough for me.  Even if it sells for less later, I didn't want to take the risk on missing out.

I was so happy at saving money that I bought one of the on sale ($9.98) clothing sets that comes with a free accessory pack, so I saved even more!

I heart you SuperTarget.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

SIS Grace's New Ride $19.99

One of my Targets got this in.  I didn't know the doll was going to be included.  Is it usual that companies release a new ride in January?  I've seen a new Disney, Monster High, Barbie Ken and now Barbie SIS.  I don't have a car at all and really had no intentions of getting one until I saw the pics of Ken's.  I looked at this SIS for a good two minutes but I don't think it's for me because I'm totally jonesing for the Mini Coop.  The doors on the SIS don't open and the lights are decals opposed to Ken's built ins.  It doesn't have a back seat and those rims are kind of annoying too.

But, since I like to mess with stuff, I could see getting this (on sale, of course) and trickin' it out.  I don't want to mess with Ken's because it's perfection as is.  Besides which, I don't have this doll and I like the face paint on this version.  So far I only have SIS Trichelle and Chandra.  I would have to be on the lookout for a Liv darker Alexis since I'm already using the one I have.


Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou dude?

I was putting away my Bratz party set when I realized that the purple section of the DJ booth totally separates from the front grill.  You can put the turntables on either the purple section, the grill section or on top of both together.  Or, you can do like I did in the photo above and use the grill as a romantic balcony railing, suitable for gazing in the distance.  This thing just keeps on getting better.

The Extras
Doll is Barbie I Can Be Computer Tech (head is shrunk, makeup modified)
The clothing was made by my awesome Mother 20 years ago.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bratz Party Playset

This was my awesome purchase from Target on clearance for $8.98, originally priced $29.99.  As of today, they still have some left if anyone wants to party out.  I love it!  I'm not a diorama person (yet) but I think this set would be great for a nightclub scene.  The only thing I intend to change is to remove the Bratz lettering on the front.

The entire contents of the box broken down.  The main stage (which is one large piece) has a speaker in it so you can hook your MP3 player or phone into it with the cord provided.  The overhead light is hitting the stage in this photo, making it look more watery/shimmery than it is.

Closeups of the smaller items and a view of the stage turned on in a dark room.  It's pretty bright and takes 4 AA batteries.  I think the only light in the room was from my laptop monitor.  You can configure the set in many ways.  I'm going to show you four.

Your entertainers for the evening!

The lounge can fit into the cutout on the second stage and the second stage is open on one side so it can fit anywhere against the main one.  The DJ booth can fit into a slot in the main stage as well.  Speakers and lights can be moved anywhere.  Tops of railings can face front or back.  Railings fit into slots on the main and second stage.

You can take the DJ booth off and put railings behind it, but the railings wont be connected to the booth.  I pulled aside the second stage and used it as a table to place in front of the lounge.

I put the DJ booth and lounge by themselves.  I've attached railings to the second stage and placed it near the main one.

I removed the second stage entirely and put the DJ booth on top of the main stage.  I put both speakers on one railing set and they are just sitting on top of the main stage.

I think that's enough for now... don't want the ladies to start throwing their underwear at him.

The Extras
The Ladies are Liv bodies featuring heads of Deborah Harry, Basics and Fashionista
Your DJ is a Power Team SWAT with Peacekeeper hands
Microphones are Barbie and Moxie Teenz
Clothing by Barbie, Liv and Justin Bieber

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Target, Pricing and Being Cheap

I went to Target Tuesday.  The store was calling my subconscious.  It said, "Muff, come to me.  Something is on sale.  You need to get it.  You have $10.44 left on that gift card you got... spend it!"  Those voices haven't steered me wrong yet because Target is having a crazy double down clearance sale on tons of toys.  I only bought one thing since I was determined to just use that gift card.  My total came to $9.61!  Money left over, woot woot.  I haven't unboxed my purchase yet so I'll post it later.

My Target finally got in a bunch of the newer releases that I've seen in other peoples blogs.  Some of the items I like and some... not so much.  The only thing they have in common is that I don't want to pay full price for any of them.  Let's review!

They aren't even fully articulated.  That seems too high.  Just about all my Liv dolls were bought on sale from $5 to $9.  I think that has spoiled me.  I know they are new, but I'll wait until they are on clearance.

I actually like the outfits in these Sleepover versions.  I never use Liv heads (except for experiments), so it having closing eyes does nothing for me.  I'll pay $6.99 for this.

No way.  $3.00.  That's it.  It's like they are going for a Basics line, but it's too basic.

This is WAY better than $25!  Still too much though.  $9.99 and that's my final offer.

It's rare to find pants in a Barbie clothing pack... and pants that aren't pink, even!  This is just $1 off the original price, but...

... you get to pick one of these to go with it for free!  Still, more than I want to spend.

I like all of these!  The outfits are adorable and the accessories are so cute.  If they repackage stuff at Christmas I hope there is a Paul Frank repack on sale.  Then I would get it... probably... maybe.

I already have this in a non Paul Frank version... I'll pass.

This has to go on sale.  It just has to.  Please.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pump Up Your Ken Tutorial

To make yourself a Ken like in my "We Can Rebuild Him" post below, follow these steps:

You'll need a Power Team Elite body, Ken body with a pivotal neck and something to cut plastic with (dremel, hacksaw, etc.)  Let's get started!

First, cut out Ken's neck and a portion of his shoulders and back.

Next, use a dremel or exacto knife to shape the neck and make the cut shown.

You now have a super articulated body for any pivotal neck Ken.  Huzzah!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"We Can Rebuild Him."

"We have the technology."

"We can make him better than he was."




The $16.99 dollar man is born ($12 Power Team Body, $4.99 Ken Body).