Thursday, February 26, 2015

Doll Show Setup

After taking a tally of my costs to do the show, versus what I earned, versus what I spent, I came home with a whopping $1.89 cents, LOL! Have to say though, I have no regrets. I had a blast, met some cool people, found out about other doll events coming up and even found out about a doll group in my area! So, even though I spent my entire profit, it was worth it for not only the things I purchased but for the connections I made.

Check out what I got!

Strombecker dining table with 2 chairs $20

3 more chairs for $5 each

Because the table is missing its middle leaf, the vendor threw in this Strombecker rocking chair for free

Becky $15, Korean Barbie $10 and Kimono was free

Back of the Kimono box

The Kimono box also had this flyer in it.

Collecting Barbie $10

Mary Kate and Ashley $5 each

Miscellaneous bag of stuff $10

My first Re-ment! $20

All of these were free! I spent so much at one vendor that at the end of the day she came to my booth, grabbed my $5 GI Joe doll, and gave me all of these in exchange. AWESOME!

I'm just throwing her in again because she's gorgeous!

I also didn't notice there was a second layer of cellophane covering these that made them fuzzy looking before. Now I can see them clearer.

Anyway, I had a grand time and it was worth the effort. I was busy the day of, so all the video footage is from the day before when we were allowed to set up.

Thank you to everyone for their generous well wishes!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spending Money Already

I just got back from setting up at the doll venue and I've already bought doll stuff from another vendor before the show even starts tomorrow, lol.

Got her for $25! I've never even heard of this line before.

Back of the box image 

Back of the box image
Also from the same vendor got this:

$10! My first time seeing a Fashion Fever box in person.
These pics are horrible but the stuff looks good inside

I saw loads of items I wanted from vendors that were still setting up. If I make any profits tomorrow, it's all going to be spent on doll stuff.

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Booth Designs!

Two months, 11 large packing boxes, 20 small packing boxes, 9 card board boxes cut for scrap, 12 pieces of poster board, 2 bottles of mod podge, 9 rolls of packing tape, 8 pieces of scrapbook paper and a little bit of electrical tape will get you this:

I did try to video tape myself constructing everything, but it was seriously slowing me down so I had to let that go and just concentrate on getting it done.

The large steps are old Fed Ex boxes and the smaller ones are post office video boxes. I've been hording boxes for over 20 years and finally depleted them with this project. If you want to try this yourself, I will say that it is absolutely, positively, ILLEGAL to use postal material for purposes not intended. So, I do not recommend you going to Fed Ex or the post office and getting boxes. If you do, then I'm going to pretend we never had this conversation. If you've been saving them like I have, then have at it. Besides, I don't think they even make video boxes anymore.

The only thing I'm not pleased with, but would probably do again, is using packing tape instead of glue to connect the boxes. Using glue would have taken longer but it would have given me more options when it came to what materials I could use to cover the boxes. In the end, everything is covered with packing tape, even the poster board. Still, when I want to dismantle these, all I have to do is slice it with an xacto and it will come apart and can go back to flat boxes.

I've still got to label my merchandise, do an inventory, make my signs and sew a few things, but other than all that, I'm ready!

My voice is still wonky, so please pause the video when you need to.
Thanks for watching and stop by my booth!
February 21, 2015
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Ramada Conference Center Mandarin
3130 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Thursday, February 5, 2015

2-in-1 Barbie Plane and Cruise Ship

Got this beauty for $9.95. She's missing most of the accessories and is broken in places, but the sound pack works great. There's dancing in the video! *oontz, oontz, oontz*

Thanks for Watching!