Monday, August 21, 2017

Fresh Dolls at Walmart

Thanks to Roxanne's Dolls review, I've been keeping an eye out for the new Fresh Dolls and they are rolling into my Walmart's. I went to three different stores. The first one only had the regular dolls ($9.88), the second only had the deluxe dolls ($24.88) and the last had clothing packs ($4.88) but no dolls. Awesome consistency as usual, Walmart.

Anywho, here's some pics and a video... which is the same as the pics, lol.

I got this one but I haven't opened her up and probably wont. If the price goes down I'll get one to open and fiddle with.

Jacqueline looks gorgeous in person (see video).

The price seems a little stiff on the deluxe sets and I don't care for any of the gowns. The OOTD's are pretty nice though.

I'm Sparkle Girlz spoiled so when I saw the price I was all, "Whoa!"

Quality wise, they do seem worth the cost.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tuesday Morning Wild Adventure

A Video:
The sound is horrible but I couldn't fix it. Le sigh.
Some photos: