Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Doll Show Prep

Time to start prepping for my upcoming doll shows.
A question! Does anyone read the captions? I always caption my videos for several reasons. One, I'm a bit of a low talker and a mumbler. Two, I have sinus issues, so often times my voice is croakish. Three, when watching movies and such myself, I prefer to read rather than hear people speak. (Weirdo, I know.) And four, not everyone is hearing abled. For those reasons, and the fact that the auto captions on YouTube were awful, I did the captions myself.
However, the other day I was watching something and the YouTube captions were fairly on point so I thought, "Oh hey, they fixed them." Then I watched something else and the captions were crap again, so who knows.
Anyway, I just wondered if I should keep captioning or do away with them. Opinions welcomed.