Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doll Show and a Little Vacation

Here's a video:

Here's some pics. ^--^

This was the only thing I purchased, a Harley Ken for $10. Everyone else probably has one of these, but I wasn't collecting when he came out so I was all, "GASP!" when I saw him.

I didn't photograph my booth since it was the same setup as last time. The show was great and I was so happy to sell out of the 50+ dolls I brought. One lady bought 23 dolls! She said they were for her grandkids. All I could think was, "Dang, Lady! How many grandkids you got?!" I gave her a stack of clothes for the dolls for free. She deserved it!

Per usual, I carry a doll with me when I travel but I rarely have time to take photos or I forget about it. This time I made an effort and took a few pics at the amusement park. People looked at me funny but no one said anything.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Doll Show Tomorrow!

I'm all packed and ready!
Lots of accessories stuffed in those boxes.
Dolls for 25 cents too!

Stop by and see me ♥

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mini Shopping Bags

Did you know you can get free mini key chain shopping bags from Publix? Oh. You did? Well, no one told me!

Story Time! I'm checking out and the cashier lady says, "Did you catch any good Pokémon?" All I think is, "Huh?" I look around and my phone is put away, I'm not wearing any Pokémon merch, nor did I buy any Pokémon related grocery. Meanwhile, the checkout boy says to the cashier, "Pokémon?! Nobody plays that anymore. That came out ages ago. Why would you even mention that?" She responds, "I saw her playing it the other day."

I'm like, "daHeck?! I haven't been here in days so where did you see me and why the eff were you so close that you could look at what I'm doing on my phone?" But, I'm just thinking this because I still haven't said a single word. The two of them carry on talking and I'm just eyeballing them with the stinkeye. Her because she's a stalker and him 'cause he's a Pokémon hating punk!

Back of the bag

Anyway as she hands me my receipt she's got it wrapped around a little green thing. I didn't stop to see what it was until I got to my car. And then I was all, "Oh, that's cute! That girl's still creepy though."

So, next time I went to Publix I asked the cashier lady (a different one!) if she had any of the mini bags. She didn't but said they get them randomly and give them to people who bring in their own shopping bags (which I never have). She flagged a manager and asked if they had any in back and they did and now I have 4 of them! Huzzah!

The End.