Friday, April 28, 2017

Newish Mattel Accessories?

These small packs are always sloppily displayed. Most times I overlook them, so I have no clue how long they've been in stores. For the price some are worth getting.

The back of the pack above.

Looks MUCH nicer in person.

This one is a pass. It's plain compared to the others.

The shoe packs contain nothing new but for the cost seem worth it.

I'm not into pets but this is darn adorable.

I know some of you are going to hate the pink, but look at the potential!
It's perfect for creating a diorama eatery and even has a dessert menu.

There were about 4 new versions, but this was the only one I liked.

Barbie backpack! Intended for kids, but if you're petite you could wear it.

Not an accessory but I was amazed to see this toy poster at the front of the store. They are going all out on the Wonder Women toys. I don't recall them marketing any other movie related toys like this.