Monday, March 31, 2014

Tattoo Divas Dolls Stink

And I mean that literally. The smell coming from these dolls is atrocious. If you took an old tire, smeared it with strawberry preserve and then wrapped it in the most heinous of farts - that's what they smell like!

I first saw one of the Divas on Ms. Leo's blog and I thought she looked fairly interesting. When I went to Toys R Us they had all 4 versions on clearance for $10.49. Their faces aren't wowing me, but I wanted one of the outfits for my Moxie Teenz bodies. If the fashion fit I figured I would get one more.

The box opened really easily. In fact, it was already coming apart in the store because the green background had fallen away from the plastic. I don't mind because it gives me a sweet, blemish free background to use. The top plastic lifts off the lower plastic shell and the doll isn't tied down in any way. I was all, "Oh cool, this opens really neatly...." and then that smell hit me. OMG! Eyuck!

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos of her in case anyone else wants to get this smelly doll.

That's a whole lot of lashes

They put the graphic upside down - tsk tsk.

I like the shorts and shoes the most

Her body is hollow. The right arm flops around loosely and the left one extends really far from her body. Her left leg is also much shorter than her right. Her head will only twist around, not up or down.

The shoes turned her feet yellow

The shoes fit Monster and Ever After feet really well.
Bratzillaz was super hard to get them on and even worse to get off.

The clothes do fit my Moxie Teenz. The shoes only fit because I shaved down the feet on this doll. The shoes will not fit a normal Moxie's feet.

The Jacket is really too big, but it was big on the Diva as well. However, the sleeves were full length on the Diva and on the Moxie they became 3/4. The leg warmers look silly with the Diva shoes, but pair them with some Moxie boots, they don't look half bad.

I'm hoping a soak in some baking soda and a little Febreeze will get rid of the odor in the fashions, but that aside, the quality of the clothes isn't all that great. The material is very thin and the sewing looks a bit iffy. I mean, it's fine for its price point and at least the shoes look cute (but they obviously leave a stain, so...). I dunno, overall, I gotta say that I'm not impressed and wont be getting another Tattoo Divas.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Articulated Nikki Fashionista on Sale

Images by Mattel

If you are looking for some cheap AA articulated bodies, Amazon has Nikki currently on sale for $6.11 and $7.55 depending on the version. There is a cap on the quantity so you can only get 3 in your first order. You'll also have to pay for shipping if you don't have Prime. Prices change randomly at Amazon so don't be surprised if they've gone up by the time you read this.

And nope I don't work for Amazon or Mattel, I just like cheap, freshly packaged dolls.