Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Wire Wrap a Doll

An instructional video on how to do this!

And why would you want to do such a thing? Watch the video to find out. ^_^

3/27/15 Edited to add:
I was in a rush when I posted this, but I should have said that Dollar Tree wire is not treated, meaning, it is not tarnish resistant, thus it only costing a buck. If you are concerned about your doll's body, then do not leave the wire on it for long periods of time because it MAY stain it and the same goes for clothing. My Monster High body has been Dollar Tree wired for 7 months now and it hasn't stained at all but that doesn't mean it wont. Better safe than sorry.
If you want to leave the body permanently wired then I would get treated wire that will cost you about $5 or $6. You can order Darice Craft Wire, 20 gauge 15 yards, from Amazon or pick it up at Michaels or Joanns.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Outdoor Adventures: Time Lapse & A Doll Shoot

I love photos of dolls being outdoors because the images just look so refreshing to me. I hate being outside so I never attempted it myself. Now though, since my phone can do time lapse, I've been going outdoors to catch cloud formations. Last weekend I combined the two and had my first outdoor doll shoot. It didn't go that well for a variety of reasons but at least I tried.

I think it's been well established that I am not a people person. I gave myself a pep talk before I tried this and told myself, "People are going to talk to you and they are going to be inquisitive. Keep calm, don't be a cow about it, just accept it and eventually they'll go away." I was outside for 4 hours and in the beginning I was cool and collected. By that 4th hour I was a raging a-hole.

Various comments throughout the day:

  • "Oh, are you taking video?"
  • "Are you doing that for Youtube?"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "What does the doll do?"
  • What's that silver thing?"
  • "Can I see what you took?"
  • "Are you taking a picture of the sky?! Why? What's up there?"
  • "Is that a camera?"
  • "So you do this for a hobby, like for fun?"
  • "Ay, ay girl! What's up girl? Whatchu doing with all that? You need some help? Want me to hold that for you?"

One lady walked over during this setup, squatted down behind the doll with her freakin' crotch right in front of the camera(!), and said, "Hey, what's all this then?" Then she reached for the doll like she was going to pick it up!

After a day full of this I went from pleasantly, but grudgingly answering people's questions to basically responding with, "Are you a cop? No? Then don't be asking me questions!" or "What I'm doing is minding my own business. You should try it sometime!"

I swear, sometimes I am just not fit for human consumption. At least my dolls don't annoy me because they are awesome.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stop Motion Attempts

If anyone is familiar with Apple products you probably noticed that my last video was made with iMovie. My old phone started messing up and I had to get a new one and it came with the iMovie app. It's a lot different than Windows Movie Maker and the title options are limited but it is so neat to be able to edit movies on my phone. I also discovered another app called Stop Motion Studio and it lets you make stop motion movies on your phone as well!

Here are my attempts in a very short video:

I probably wont do much with stop motion because it took 450 photos to make a 15 second clip. I just don't have that kind of time, lol. It was fun to try though because it really is fascinating to see dolls in motion.

A behind the scenes pic of my last attempt

Thanks for watching!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Nekkid Dolls: Okay or Not Okay?

A discussion post!

When I uploaded last week's post, I saw a notification from Blogger that they were going to be more restrictive on "Adult" content, including nudity and suggestive imagery. It made me wonder if that would apply to photos of nude dolls. I know a couple of bloggers who said that people have made comments about them showing unclothed dolls and the dolls weren't even making out or anything. They just said that because kids search out dolly blogs, the dolls should have clothes on.

Clothes my Mom made to sell my naked dolls

I post nude dolls all the time. Sometimes I cover their bits and junk with their hands if they have the articulation for it, but most times I don't bother. However, because I live in what is called the "Bible Belt," when I had my doll show, I purposefully clothed all the nude dolls in wraps (made by my Mom ^_^) so I wouldn't hear any crap from anyone.

Sign at my vendor table

In my opinion, my blog content is mostly PG to PG13. In private, I'm quite the potty mouth. I don't think I've met anyone as vulgar as myself. In public though, I'm very aware of who is around me and try not to subject others to my uncouthness. The same goes for my blog. It's public, so I act like I have some manners when I write on it... most of the time. But that's just me and I'd rather people not be forced to conform because some other people aren't policing their kids.

Draculaura wearing an outfit by my Mom

I read bunches of blogs with "Adult" doll content. The dolls curse, they fight, they bow chicka bow bow and it's awesome! Only a few of those are on Blogger though and I believe only one is actually restrictive to adults.

Blogger notice

Blogger has since rescinded their decision to be more restrictive so I'm assuming that people raised a stink about it? Either way, even though I'm not showing bow chicka bow bow on my blog, I'm glad I still get to see it on other people's.