Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou dude?

I was putting away my Bratz party set when I realized that the purple section of the DJ booth totally separates from the front grill.  You can put the turntables on either the purple section, the grill section or on top of both together.  Or, you can do like I did in the photo above and use the grill as a romantic balcony railing, suitable for gazing in the distance.  This thing just keeps on getting better.

The Extras
Doll is Barbie I Can Be Computer Tech (head is shrunk, makeup modified)
The clothing was made by my awesome Mother 20 years ago.


  1. I love it! When you can use the pieces by themselves...that is a bonus.

  2. Love the idea! My Target didn't have any of them left. :(

  3. It cetainly is versatile, Ms. Leo.

    Sorry to hear that, Frannie! :(

  4. Another beautiful picture. Love the title! LOL.

  5. Thanks, Vanessa. No tripod needed for this one, I was right up on her.