Saturday, January 28, 2012

BigLots Confessions

BigLots was having a 20% off sale today so I wanted to stop by and see if they had any new World Peacekeepers.  Okay, that's not totally true.  This last week I've read Books 4 and 3 of the Twilight Saga.  I read them in that order actually since I'm downloading them from the Library.  Haven't gotten to Books 1 and 2 yet.  I saw the 1st movie online ages ago and thought it was horrible, so I poo pooed everything about the series.  But, now that I've read those books, I want the dolls, lol.  The 2 Lots closest to me were out of them, but there's another one I can check later.

Anyway, they did have a new Peacekeeper on a 1/6 scale Kawasaki for $20, but even with $4 off I decided not to buy it.  If the dude would have had hands instead of gloves, I probably would have gotten it.  I don't have a pic because for some reason I feel like if I take a photo in BigLots they will tackle me or something.

I did not leave empty handed though.  I spent a whole $77 cents!  One of the Lots is now carrying these Crazerasers.  I already had all but one of the sets they were stocking.

I collect these but I haven't done anything with them other than admire them and then stick them in a bin.  Some of them are 1/6 scale but most are not.  I just think they are kind of cute.


  1. I love the Crazy Erasers. I gave a few out @ KellyKon last year. They are great.

  2. Here in Spain we don't have any of those, they are so cute!!!!

  3. I think I saw Jacob in the Big Lots I go to. No Peacekeepers at all! Understand how you feel about the gloves. Love the erasers, but haven't seen them at the Big Lots in my area!

  4. Hi Dollz4Moi, Rossetti and Frannie

    Dollz, I think these would be great gifties!

    Rossetti, they are super cute and come in many shapes.

    Frannie although I went to two BigLots, only one of them had the erasers.

  5. I'm so glad I forgot about the sale today. I would have talked myself into going "just to look". I saw that Peacekeeper on the bike a month ago. I too left him in the store because he just wasn't cute enough to buy. I just bought two sets of hands from Monkey Depot to try on my PeaceKeeper men. I had to do minor alterations, but it worked. I bought a few eraser sets about a month ago. They are cute. A little big for 1/6 scale, but defnintely workable.

  6. Thanks, Vanessa. I'm going to check out Monkey Depot.

  7. I have a few of the eraser and you can easy use them. I use the desserts, pots and pans and food items. I have faith in you, you are so creative!

  8. I buy those erasers too, and do the same thing with them, lol. Oh well. Some things are just pretty to look at. Monkey Depot can be addictive! Dragon hands are a perfect fit for World Peacekeepers. It looks like they don't have any relaxed Dragon hands right now, but like Vanessa said, other brands will work too, with a little adjusting.

    I bought the Twilight Edward on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for $9. I never got into Twilight, I just wanted to steal his clothes, lol. I think they're still selling for pretty cheap, but if you want just the doll, you can have mine. Just email me. :)

  9. LOL, Thanks Brini, I got the creative juices flowing in me. I will make use of those erasers some day.

    Smidge Girl thanks for the heads up on Dragon hands. It is so super sweet of you to offer me your Edward, but I went to a 3rd BigLots and found some Twilight dolls! That was very nice of you to offer though. It is much appreciated!

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    1. Thanks, Dailey. I keep buying those erasers, but I never do anything with them. They are just cute to have I guess, lol.